Cincinnati News

Thousands Of Counterfeit Items Seized

Posted On October 24, 2014

(Cincinnati, OH) -- Thousands of counterfeit products are off Cincinnati's streets after a raid in Corryville. Vice detectives raided the Set Four Life store on Vine Street this week and walked out with phony DVDs, CDs and designer label products. Shop owner Brian Baker was arrested on fraud-related charges.

Thieves Targeting Sewer Grates

Posted On October 23, 2014

(Cincinnati, OH) -- Thieves are causing major problems for drivers and city officials in Cincinnati. They're leaving holes in the road by stealing the grates that cover storm sewers. The grates, which cost the city around 120-dollars to replace, are sold for scrap for as little as ten bucks. Authorities say several of the grates…

McNicholas Football Players Under Investigation

Posted On October 23, 2014

(Cincinnati, OH) -- Four McNicholas High School students will return to class today after serving suspensions for inappropriate locker room behavior. Archdiocese of Cincinnati officials say the freshman football players were kicked off the team and suspended for five days after the incident. Cincinnati police have opened an investigation into the allegations.

Cancer-Stricken Athlete’s Game Sells Out

Posted On October 23, 2014

(Cincinnati, OH) -- A sold-out crowd will root on a cancer-stricken Mount Saint Joseph basketball player when she plays her first college basketball game. University officials say tickets for its November Second game against Hiram College at the Cintas Center sold out in 30 minutes yesterday. The game was moved up nearly two weeks in…

City Finalist For NAACP Convention

Posted On October 23, 2014

(Cincinnati, OH) -- Cincinnati is in the running for one of the nation's biggest conventions. NAACP leaders say they'll visit the city next month to determine whether it's a suitable site for the organization's 2016 convention. Cincinnati tourism officials say the NAACP's 2008 convention attracted four-thousand visitors and pumped more than three-million-dollars into the Tri-State's…