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School Security Worker Faces Drug Charge

Posted On August 21, 2014

(Covington, KY) -- Some Covington parents want to know what's happening in their kids' school. Federal agents have interviewed Holmes Middle School employees twice this week on school grounds, but have not indicated to district officials what they're looking for. Meantime, an assistant security guard at the school was charged yesterday with selling prescription painkillers.

UC Student Arrested In Missouri

Posted On August 21, 2014

(Cincinnati, OH) -- A University of Cincinnati student will return home today after becoming caught in the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri. UC photojournalism student Coulter Loeb was arrested yesterday while taking pictures of the riots for "The Cincinnati Herald," but was released without charges. Loeb told WLWT-TV the situation in Ferguson is, quote, "unfortunate" because…

Embattled Health Clinic Stops Abortions

Posted On August 21, 2014

(Cincinnati, OH) -- Pro-life advocates are celebrating a victory in Sharonville. The attorney for the Lebanon Road Surgery Center says it will stop performing surgical abortions tomorrow, giving up an appeal of its license denial. The clinic was hurt by a new state law that banned transfer agreements with state-funded hospitals if patients needed follow-up…

UC Celebrates Record Enrollment

Posted On August 21, 2014

(Cincinnati, OH) -- The University of Cincinnati campus is bustling with activity as students continue moving into the dorms today. UC officials say a record 43-thousand-600-students are enrolled for the fall semester, an increase of more than two-percent over last year. Nearly four-thousand of those students will be living on campus.

Archdiocese Warns Against Ice Bucket Donations

Posted On August 21, 2014

(Cincinnati, OH) -- The Archdiocese of Cincinnati is warning Catholics about the Ice Bucket Challenge. Church leaders say supporting ALS research is fine, but donations to the ALS Association are funding studies that use embryonic stem cells. The use of such cells is considered abortion in the Catholic church, so they're urging donations be diverted…