Cincinnati News

Cincinnati Ranked High For Working Women

Posted On March 26, 2015

(Cincinnati, OH) -- Cincinnati is being recognized as a place where women are closer to receiving equal pay for equal work. NerdWallet.com ranks the city 16th among the best big U.S. cities for working women with a 16-percent pay gap between their salaries and those of men. The national average pay gap is 22-percent. Durham,…

Leah Still’s Cancer In Remission

Posted On March 26, 2015

(Cincinnati, OH) -- Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still is celebrating the news that his daughter's cancer is in remission. Still went public on social media yesterday to announce four-year-old Leah Still is officially free of the stage four cancer after nearly a year of intensive treatment. Leah's public fight thrust Still onto a national…

Hunter Supporters Threaten Disruptions

Posted On March 26, 2015

(Cincinnati, OH) -- Supporters of convicted Hamilton County Juvenile Court Judge Tracie Hunter say they'll do what it takes to stop a retrial. The leader of her vocal backers say they'll plan disruptions to the Major League Baseball All-Star Game if Hunter goes on trial in June. The threat followed word that Hamilton County Commissioners…

Report: Mom Who Decapitated Baby Has Troubled Past

Posted On March 25, 2015

(Cincinnati, OH) -- The mom in Cincinnati accused of decapitating her infant daughter has a troubled background of her own. Officials released documents yesterday revealing a young Deasia Watkins was taken from her parents at the age of three and was diagnosed with several disorders. Depression, mild mental retardation and schizoaffective disorder were among them.…

KY General Assembly Passes Legislation To Fight Heroin Epidemic

Posted On March 25, 2015

(Frankfort, KY) -- A bill to fight Kentucky's heroin epidemic is close to becoming law. The General Assembly overwhelmingly approved it yesterday. One provision calls for redirecting funds to ramp up substance-abuse problems in jails and community health centers. State police report a 400-percent increase in crime lab workload connected to the drug in the…