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Sasha, our sweet Black Lab is 13 years old and escaped from our fenced backyard on Spangler Rd in Dillsboro on Tuesday, November 14 between 4:00-5:30pm. She became scared by nearby hunters and ran. She is small for her breed. She is all black except with some white on her toes and grey on her face and chest from age. She is slightly overweight but very active. She is afraid of loud noises such as gun shots and thunder. She is very friendly and sweet, and should come if you call her. Her full name is Sasha Brianna Linquist. Please keep an eye out for her and contact me with any information. Our family misses her so much and loves her more than words can say. We want her home with us where she belongs. Her dog brother, Sully, whines all day because she misses her and wants her home.
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