Dillsboro Hiring Town Manager

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Phone: 812-432-3243

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The Town of Dillsboro is seeking applicants for the position of Town Manager. The Town Manager will be the head administrator for the Town of Dillsboro, reporting directly to the Town Council. Qualified candidates will demonstrate a successful track record in the following areas:

Utilities Management
– Experience with utilities and infrastructure construction and management. Specific experience with roads & streets, storm water systems, water distribution and/or wastewater treatment a plus. Water/ Wastewater Operator certification a plus.
– Responsibility for personnel, including scheduling, training, hiring, and management
– Contract supervision & contractor coordination for planning and infrastructure projects
– Fiscal planning and budget development for utilities infrastructure

Office & Staff Administration
– Human resources administration, including administration of personnel policy, travel policy, employee benefits, insurance & related matters
– IT management; equipment purchasing; contract administration

Local Government Administration
– Familiarity with requirements for local government operations
– Experience working for and coordinating with multiple elected or appointed boards, public agencies, and other regional or state governmental organizations
– Administration and enforcement of ordinances, regulations, and utility policies
– Experience as point-of-contact regarding resident and/or customer concerns

Bachelor’s degree in an administrative or a utilities-related field, or equivalent experience.

Full-time, salaried position with full medical, dental, vision benefits; participation in Indiana Public Employee Retirement Fund (PERF); $47K + per year depending on experience, qualifications, and certifications.

Please forward resume & cover letter to Janice Sullivan at [email protected] by February 17th.