Medical Lift For A Person

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Phone: 8125370317
Location: greendale, INDIANA
Price: $2000.00

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INVACARE medical equipment to Lift a person from a sitting to standing position with a sling around the person, so they have to do no worke, but hook up and push to the place you want to take them.. This enables you to transport a person within a home from a bed to a seat or wheelchair or toilet without having to carry them or do any lifting on your own. It is capable of holding a person up to 350 pounds.It was purchased “new” in 2009 and used for 3 weeks. It is in brand new condition, perfect.
INVACARE MODEL: RPS 350-1 / Battery 24 VDC rechargeable / Charger output: 29.5 VDC) Charger: 100-240 VAC) Charge time 6 hrs. / Approx. lifts per charge: 100-200 cycles per charge / Overall height 49 in./ length 39 in./ width 25.8 in. (Base width open-37 in.) (Base width closed 26 in.) ( Base height clearance 4.5 in.) (Base length 35.5 in.) (Patient slings: Width standing 36 in./Transport 38.5 in.)
(Weight capacity 350 lbs.) (WEIGHS: 108 lbs.) (Has emergency stop button) (Motor safety devices: Audio low battery alarm)e
Once again, it allows you to lift a person from seated position, from bed, chair, toilet, and take them to another area of the house or across a room to be placed in a seated position. Any seated position. Also works with a bedside toilet also. Just about anywhere you needed to take the person. It is easy to operate and move, with gliding wheels. It is one that would be used in a nursing home or hospital, but can be used in your home too.
All manuals come with the lift.