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Little Big Town Singer To Undergo Vocal Surgery

Posted On June 18, 2015

Little Big Town is putting their tour on hold. They announced on Facebook on Wednesday that member Jimi Westbrook has to undergo vocal surgery, forcing them to cancel several dates around the country. Westbrook is scheduled to have a polyp removed from his vocal cords next week, but the group will be cancelling all of…

Musgraves Pulls From Past With “Dime Store Cowgirl”

Posted On June 18, 2015

One of the songs on Kacey Musgraves upcoming album is about the last couple years of her life. "This one's special to me because it kind of talks about the past year or two and everything I've gotten to see and do. Every single thing in the song is true. It's from a small town…

Young Has To Laugh At Some Of The Things That Happen With Fans

Posted On June 18, 2015

Chris Young says that fans can get a little personal during meet-and-greet times, but he doesn't mind. "You get slipped phone numbers," Young chuckles. As handsome as he is, many of Young's fans want to know if he has a girlfriend or even a fiancé in the near future. The singer says his older fans…

Dixie Chicks To Reunite In Europe Next Year

Posted On June 18, 2015

The Dixie Chicks are reuniting for a European tour. In a post on their website, the country trio announced that they'll be returning to Europe next year to perform at arenas in several cities in the U.K., Ireland and Amsterdam.  It marks their second tour since going on a musical hiatus in 2008. They last…

Jackson Finding Out That He Can’t Always Remember Song Lyrics

Posted On June 18, 2015

Alan Jackson says that fans have stumped him numerous time when they ask him to sing an older song from his catalog. The singer remembers a time when the same thing happened to Merle Haggard during a sound check when he was performing with Jackson. "Years ago Merle Haggard did some shows with me. Of…