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Reba McEntire Is Enjoying Single Life

Posted On June 16, 2016

Reba McEntire is enjoying the single life. She told "People" magazine she's having a great time traveling and working. McEntire says, "I've got a great team of people that I'm working with, who are coming up with new ideas for me to do things that I haven't done in the past. I'm having a wonderful…

Jana Kramer Named Spokesperson For Busy Girl Bangle

Posted On June 16, 2016

Jana Kramer is endorsing Go Girl Designs. She's been named the celebrity spokesperson for the fashion accessory company's Busy Girl Bangle brand.¬† The bracelet serves as both a chic accessory and a way to keep a hair tie conveniently at hand. Kramer says, "From the moment I saw this bracelet that also doubles as a…

Bentley Owes Being Country Fan To His Dad

Posted On June 16, 2016

Dierks Bentley says he and his dad always listened to country radio when they were driving around. "My dad was my biggest influence in country music, because my dad loved country radio. We always drove around ¬†listening to country radio with George Strait, Hank Williams, and Randy Travis and all these guys," Bentley recalls. It's…

Church Takes A Lot After His Dad

Posted On June 16, 2016

Eric Church says his dad is honest and tells it like he sees it. Church can see a lot of the way he is he probably took from his father. "My dad's a great guy. An honest guy. Very call-it-like-he-sees-it, which is where I get a lot of that. No BS. I'm going to tell…

Young Loves To Spend Time With His Niece

Posted On June 16, 2016

Chris Young says his niece has developed so much personality and is a cool person to hang out with. "Any chance I get to hang out with my niece, I take full advantage of it. She is awesome. Probably one of my favorite things on the planet. She's just cool. She's got so much personality…