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Shania Twain Says There’s No Age Limit To Inspiration

Posted On April 03, 2015

As Shania Twain nears her 50th birthday, she says she's "here to inspire" and there's no age limit for that.  She told "Maclean's" magazine that age shouldn't have anything to do with how an artist or anyone expresses herself.  She adds that getting older does mean she has to work harder to maintain her physicality. …

Tanya Tucker Ending Three-Year Touring Hiatus

Posted On April 03, 2015

Tanya Tucker is going back out on the road for the first time in three-years.  Her hiatus will end on April 24th with a concert in Wendover, Nevada.  Tucker says she's excited about the tour because being in front of a live crowd is something she feeds off of and she's missed her fans. Tanya…

Dolly Parton Planning To Work Until She Dies

Posted On April 03, 2015

Don't expect Dolly Parton to slow down anytime soon. She told "People" magazine she has much more that she wants to accomplish. She says she doesn't plan to retire unless she gets sick or her husband gets sick and she needs to care of him. Parton says ultimately she'd like to work until she falls…

Billy Ray Cyrus To Play Elvis Impersonator On TV

Posted On April 03, 2015

Billy Ray Cyrus is returning to television to play an Elvis impersonator. "Still the King" will air on CMT and is slated to premiere in early 2016. Cyrus will play Vernon Brown, a one-hit country star turned Elvis Presley impersonator who becomes a minister at a country church outside of Nashville.

Country Birthdays Include

Posted On April 03, 2015

Billy Joe Royal is 73.

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