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Toby Keith To Manage Kansas City Stars

Posted On August 08, 2016

Toby Keith may have played football in college, but he's now a part of America's favorite pastime. At today's National Baseball Congress World Series, Keith will be the celebrity manager for the Kansas Stars.  The team is made up of former Major League Baseball players. The NBC World Series is typically a league for college-aged…

Eric Church Still Likes Vinyl

Posted On August 08, 2016

Eric Church says music has always been an escape for him. "For me, with vinyl, it's escapism. I mean we make music so rushed now and so frenetic. I never view music that way. I view it as a way to escape what's going on," Church says. Church says he loves vinyl, and still turns…

Morris Loved Texas Music Scene

Posted On August 08, 2016

Maren Morris says she grew up among people who loved music the way she loves music. "I appreciate it more now being removed from the Texas music scene. I feel like I was so fortunate to be brought up in a state where they had a music scene," Morris shared. As Willie Nelson once said,…

Rascal Flatts Offering Free Hearing Tests At Chicago Show

Posted On August 05, 2016

Rascal Flatts is encouraging fans to have their hearing tested. At their show on Sunday at the Hollywood Casino in Chicago, a special kiosk that gives free hearing tests will be available.  It's part of the Hear the Music Project, founded by Gary LeVox's sister-in-law. LeVox's eight-year-old niece Lexi is deaf. He says, "As a…

Chris Young Tips Bartender $200

Posted On August 05, 2016

Chris Young is paying it forward. After dining at Chili's recently, Young left the bartender a $200 tip on a $77 bill. He also wrote on the check, "Bills suck, your service was great." Young's good gesture went viral after the bartender's cousin took a picture of the receipt and shared it on Facebook.