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Joe Nichols Experiencing Career Comeback

Posted On August 05, 2014

(Nashville, TN) -- Joe Nichols admits he's enjoying the resurgence he's having in his career. The country star's last two singles, "Yeah" and "Sunny and 75," have both gone to number one, becoming his first chart-toppers since 2009's "Gimmie That Girl." Joe is crediting his recent success to his latest album, "Crickets," which he says…

Jason Aldean Can’t Explain His Music’s Appeal

Posted On August 04, 2014

(Nashville, TN) -- Jason Aldean can't explain the popularity of his brand of country music. The singer says he didn't set out to create a new country-rock hybrid.   Aldean admits his music isn't "traditional," but says it's just his "version" of what he thinks "country music sounds like." And it's got pretty big appeal.…

Keith Urban Explains Music’s Appeal

Posted On August 04, 2014

(Nashville, TN) -- Keith Urban says any time artists release material, they don't know if their songs will appeal to listeners. But the country star admits that's his goal with his records.   Urban says he believes one way people respond to his music by going to shows. The singer adds that he hopes those…

Taylor Swift Teases New Album With Instagram Video

Posted On August 04, 2014

(Undated) -- Taylor Swift's new teaser is raising more questions than answers about her upcoming album. The star uploaded a video to her Instagram page on Monday, with a caption reading "So, here's your first clue." The video shows Swift's finger pushing the button on an elevator for the 18th floor. Fans are beginning to…

“Nashville” To Include Live Performances In Season Three Premiere

Posted On August 04, 2014

(Undated) -- ABC's "Nashville" is doing something that's never been done on television before. "Entertainment Tonight" says the show's season three premiere will feature live performances from two of its stars. Charles Esten, as Deacon Claybourne, will sing "I Know How To Love You Now" and Chris Carmack, as Will Lexington, will play "If It's…