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Trisha Yearwood Opens Up About Mother’s Day

Posted On May 09, 2016

Trisha Yearwood is opening up about Mother's Day and why it's a bittersweet holiday for her. During her weekly live chat on Facebook, Yearwood says she has really learned to appreciate Mother's Day since losing her mom. She says she's thankful to celebrate the day with husband Garth Brooks' three daughters, but not spending the…

Confederate Railroad To Release New Album

Posted On May 09, 2016

Confederate Railroad is getting back into the game. The "Trashy Women" singers are releasing a new album after nine years. "Lucky to Be Alive" will be out in mid-July.  It has 12 tracks, including a song featuring Charlie Daniels.

Urban Has Pitbull Rapping On A Tune On His New Album

Posted On May 09, 2016

Though it's a bit uncharacteristic of the country star, Keith Urban features a verse from Pitbull in his song "Sun Don't Let Me Down." Urban says he was pleased with his the song as it was until he heard Pitbull on the radio one day and decided he had to be included.  He says he…

Underwood Wants Her Characters To Be Real

Posted On May 09, 2016

Carrie Underwood can't help but draw inspiration from the people around her. "It would be impossible for your life, your stories, stories of people that are around you. It would be impossible for them not to work their way into your music," Underwood says. Underwood writes and co-writes so many of her songs that she…

Paslay Finds Dancing Fun At Concerts

Posted On May 09, 2016

Eric Paslay says his dance moves are partially influenced by his background in theater. "Kind of the way I dance is from mixtures of being in theater from, like, the 'Greased Lightning' moves to moonwalking on stage as the scarecrow in The Wiz, to all kinds of just random things," Paslay says. Paslay has been…

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    Lost Jack Russell-Corgi mix near Farmer's Retreat

    Posted on July 25, 2016

    Lost female Jack Russell-Corgi mix near 375 S. Farmer's Retreat…