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McEntire’s New Album Is Eclectic

Posted On April 06, 2015

(Undated) -- Reba McEntire says that her new album has happy songs, love songs and drinking songs on it.   McEntire says her new album is very eclectic. The singer explains it has all kinds of songs on it, from fun songs to drinking tunes. She says her duet with Jennifer Nettles, "Enough," is a…

Gilbert Admits to Being a Romantic

Posted On April 06, 2015

(Undated) -- Brantley Gilbert says every guy has different sides to his personality   Brantley Gilbert may have a reputation for being a tough guy, with his tattoos and chains, but the singer says that's only one side of his personality. The singer says he can also be a hopeless romantic from time to time.

Farr Keeping Roots of Country Music

Posted On April 06, 2015

(Undated) -- Tyler Farr says some of the songs on his upcoming album, "Suffer in Peace," are really country.   The singer explains he records those kinds of songs because he doesn't ever want to lose the roots of country music. He says if you do that, you lose the entire genre. Farr also believes…

James Worked Hard to Make New Single Emotional

Posted On April 05, 2015

{cjamesfallapart_1} Q...fades 000:23 (Nashville) -- Casey James says he worked hard to get real emotion in his new single "Fall Apart."   James says that when fans hear his new single, "Fall Apart," they will know he really was into the song. The singer admits that sometimes that doesn't happen when a song is being…

Wallace Apologizes For Clarkson “Pizza” Comment

Posted On April 05, 2015

(Washington, DC) -- Fox News' Chris Wallace is apologizing for a critical comment about singer Kelly Clarkson's weight. Wallace tells "People" magazine in a statement that Clarkson's "remarkable talent" should have been the focus of any discussion he was having about the singer. He added that the comment was "offensive" and that he was sincerely…