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Sam Hunt’s Latest Single A Meaningful Song To Him

Posted On March 24, 2015

(Nashville, TN) -- Country star Sam Hunt says his current single, "Take Your Time," is special to him for a couple of reasons.   Sam adds that "Take Your Time" was one of the first songs he wrote when he began working on his own album. He admits the track actually dates back a few…

Luke Bryan Works Out With The White Sox

Posted On March 24, 2015

(Glendale, AZ) -- Luke Bryan says he discovered early on that he "wasn't an athlete," and likely wasn't going to become a professional baseball player. The country star tells CSNChicago.com he went to high school with San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey, and while Posey's career developed he knew a lot of other talented kids…

Gary Allan Making His Way Through Changes In Country Music

Posted On March 24, 2015

(Nashville, TN) -- Gary Allan admits it hasn't been easy for him to navigate the evolving sound of country music. The singer explains that as he's worked on his next album, it's been a challenge to maintain his integrity as an artist.   Gary adds that he's disappointed that the emphasis in country music has…

Canaan Smith Thrilled To Finally Release EP

Posted On March 24, 2015

(Nashville, TN) -- Canaan Smith says he couldn't be happier to release his debut EP. The country newcomer admits he's "so excited to have music out there that's more than one song." He adds that it's important to him to have a collection of material available to listeners, because it gives them more of "a…

Jason Aldean Releases New Single

Posted On March 24, 2015

(Nashville, TN) -- Jason Aldean is set with his next single. The country star has tapped "Tonight Looks Good On You" as the third release from his most recent album, "Old Boots, New Dirt."   Jason says he instantly loved the song, explaining that it's "smooth and has a really sexy vibe that's almost a…