Deer of the Day 2016


Buck or doe. Shotgun or bow and arrow. Boy, girl, man, or woman hunters. We are welcoming everybody’s nominations for the Eagle Country 99.3 Deer of the Day!


The tri-state’s best and original deer photo contest is giving our listeners the chance to show off their prized whitetail harvested during the 2015 hunting season.Each day, we’ll publish on this page a photo and story submitted by a listener. Bubba Bo will also share your successful hunting story with our listeners on the Eagle Country 99.3 Morning Show!


Haag Ford Deer of the day AdWe are welcoming your nominations now through December 31, 2016! There are some simple rules to follow:

∙ Email your medium to high resolution photo in JPEG or GIF file format to deer@eaglecountryonline.com. Please include your name, city of residence, and location of the harvest along with a one paragraph story detailing your successful hunt.

∙ Keep your photo and story tasteful. Photos showing too much blood and/or guts won’t be considered (yuck!).

∙ The deer shown must have been hunted legally and ethically during the 2016 bow, firearms, muzzleloader, or youth hunting season in local areas of Indiana, Ohio, or Kentucky.


Check back on this page often for a new Eagle Country 99.3 Deer of the Day photo and story posted below each non-holiday weekday through December 31, 2016.


Wednesday, April 26

Submitted by Sheryl Oatman: “Emily Oatman age 9 of Patriot Indiana attends Switzerland county 3rd. grade. Emily and her Papaw were in a blind for the youth turkey season Sunday morning. They called in a big gobbler and Emily shot it with Papaws 12 gauge shotgun. When she fired the turkey hit the ground, as Papaw looked for Emily, she also was on the ground. Emily was flat on her back rubbing her shoulder asking if she got him. It was really funny.”


Friday, December 30


Submitted by Gary Sizemore: “Kendra Justis took this dandy in Moores Hill on November 13th. She grunted him in and dropped him with her 44 mag. rifle, 11 pointer!”


Thursday, December 29


Submitted by Kelsea Routch: “My husband, Cory Routch, of Greendale. Got this big guy in the Bright area of Dearborn County on Opening Day! He saw a couple big bucks fighting and chasing does while in his tree stand and was excited to be able to get a great shot at a nice 9-pointer! The deer dropped almost instantly! Great job Cory!”


Wednesday, December 28


Submitted by Shane Koons: “Nick Koons of Rising Sun shot this 11 pt buck at 100 yards on the opening evening of the firearm season. Nick is a sophomore at Rising Sun High School and is very busy with basketball, so this was definitely a gift from God to harvest such a great deer. GO SHINERS !!! (Proud Dad!)”


Tuesday, December 27


Submitted by Rich Lindsey: “I got this nice big 8pt buck late Sunday 5:05 pm with a Remington 308 At 100+ yards. Rich Lindsey Moores Hill Ind.”


Monday, December 26


Submitted by Mandy Rohrig: “John Rohrig age 17 just took up hunting. Second day of hunting and first deer. 13 pointer 20 inch spread. Shot in Pierceville Indiana.November 13 at 9am.”


Friday, December 23


Submitted by Lucas Shelton: “Lucas Shelton killed this in Dearborn county Saturday nov 12 scored 157 3/4.”


Thursday, December 22


Submitted by Danny Emmert: “Chase Emmert age 14 for his first deer in opening day 2016 a 10 pointer.”


Wednesday, December 21


Submitted by Melissa Struble: “Harvested on Nov 11 by James Struble in Dearborn County with bow.”


Tuesday, December 20


Submitted by Reed Martin: “My name is Reed Martin from Bennington. I’m 14 and a Freshman at Rising Sun HS. I killed this 9 pointer on Sun 11-13-16 in Dearborn County.”


Monday, December 19


Submitted by Amanda Mitchell: “13 year old Drake Mitchell shot his first 8pt buck in Ohio County on 11/27/16 with his H&R 20G.”


Friday, December 16


Submitted by Lynsie Reeder: “I’m submitting this for my Husband his name is Keith Reeder 27yrs old of Manchester Indiana. He’s been hunting since he was young and had never shot a buck. But on sunday Nov 13th of opening weekend FINALLY was presented with the opportunity to shoot a buck!”


Thursday, December 15


Submitted by Mr. Slayback: “My daughter Ava Slayback, shot her first buck today. It’s ten point buck. She shot it with a 20 gauge Remington Express. Way to go Ava! Love ya Dad and family!”


Wednesday, December 14


Submitted by Andy Kline: “Tristan Kincart, Grandson of Retired Indiana Conservation Officer Andy Cline killed his first deer on November 12, 2016.  Pictured with him is his Father Donnie Kincart.”


Tuesday, December 13


Submitted by Amanda Johnson: “Awesome 9 point buck dropped by Bill and Hunter Stevens on Opening Day in Dillsboro IN!”



Monday, December 12


Submitted by John Nelson: “My wife Brandy Nelson shoot this monster 13 pt opening morning he’s 21″ wide I’ve been watching him all year. As they say lady’s first  😜”


Friday, December 9


Submitted by Andrew Glosser: “Shot on 11/12/16 shotgun at 730 am. 8 point buck but right side broke off from fighting I think.”



Thursday, December 8


Submitted by Keith Works: “12yr old Brady Works of Rising Sun harvested this 8pt on opening day of firearm season with a 30.06 at 115yds.”



Wednesday, December 7


Submitted by the Warman family: “Parker Warman, 13, of Dillsboro killed his first deer on Saturday, November 19th on our farm in Dillsboro.”


Tuesday, December 6


Submitted by Brad Bruner: “Killed 11/13/16 in Dillsboro IN at 4:45 p.m.”


Monday, December 5


Submitted by Heather Davies: “Frank Davies killed this nice 8 Point buck in Dearborn County on November 12th.  What a great way to start the gun season.  Great job!”


Friday, December 2


Submitted by Emily Kramer: “Jason Kramer is 10 years old and got his first buck the night before Thanksgiving right at 5pm (11/23/16).  He’s an 8-pointer; not bad for a 10-year-old!  Jason lives in Dearborn County and Harvested this deer at home.  He’s been out quite a few times this season, and is thankful that the weather turned colder so the deer would cooperate with hunting season.”


Thursday, December 1


Submitted by Amanda Mitchell: “On Oct 2, Dan Woolwine took this impressive 9 pt buck with his Matthews at an undisclosed location in Dearborn County.”


Wednesday, November 30


Submitted by Alan Eldridge: “George Neilsen of Moores Hill harvested this beautiful 10 pointer right out of his back yard  chasing a doe November 12th around 3:00 p.m.”


Tuesday, November 29


Submitted by Becca Hyde: “My boyfriend Nathan Lambert got this big guy on Saturday November 5th, after hunting him for 2 seasons. Located in Rising Sun, IN. He’s 25 4/8″ wide, 13 score-able points. Unofficial score of 181 7/8″ and 172 3/8″ after deductions. We nicknamed him Goliath. Not too shabby for his first official bow kill!”


Monday, November 28


Submitted by Bill Spanagel: “My nephew Steve Spanagel got this deer in gun season in Ohio county Indiana – there are 2 others even bigger in his hunting area.”


Wednesday, November 23


Submitted by Brent Turner: “I shot this 10 pointer on November 12 with my CVA muzzleloader. Called this buck in a shot him at 20 yards. My personal best! Huge thanks to the Armstrongs!”


Tuesday, November 22


Submitted by Kelly Kemper: “Harvested 11/9/16 around 5:40 p.m. with a Crossbow in Dearborn County. Chasing a Doe with 25 yard shot! 9pt Buck.”


Monday, November 21


Submitted by Jennifer Ampt: “My husband Kris Johnson shot his deer he called ”Brows” November 8th in Switzerland County. He has been tracking this deer since February and finally got his chance to take him down.”


Friday, November 18


Submitted by Travis Dee: “Killed Sunday evening, November, 13 in Dearborn County with a muzzleloader.”


Thursday, November 17


Submitted by Amanda Mitchell: “This buck was harvested in Dearborn County, at an undisclosed location, by Joe Mitchell from Sunman, IN. It green scored 158 1/8, and was taken with a 450 Bushmaster.”


Wednesday, November 16


Submitted by Toni Draper: “11 year old Adam Draper from Dillsboro got his first deer on Saturday 11-12-16 a nice doe using his 44 magnum. Then, on Sunday he got our new wall mount a 10 point buck, both deer came from Pleasant Ridge, Rising Sun. Awesome weekend for this first time deer hunter.”


Tuesday, November 15


Submitted by Tom Palmer: “Taken 11/13/16, used a 308 at 75yds in Dearborn County, 140″ 10pts.”


Monday, November 14


Submitted by Ashley Higham: “My name is Ashley Higham, I am from Rising Sun, and this is my big buck for opening day of 2016 in Dearborn County! I am beyond happy. His doe came up on my right side and I knew he was right behind her so I got my shotgun ready and took my shot and dropped him! I join my little brother and father on our hunting trips. I am so thankful for these opportunities and memories! ”


Friday, November 11


Submitted by Kristin Clevenger: “Jack’s (my husband) buck (Steve) he got Sunday November 6 at the Jefferson Proving Grounds (Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge) during their first “shotgun” reduction hunt of the season. It is an 11 point buck.”


Thursday, November 10


Submitted by Lisa White: “Katelyn White got her buck at 6 pm on Nov 5th in Brookville, IN. He came in chasing does headed straight for her. Her shot was successful at 35 yards. Great job Katy!”


Wednesday, November 9


Submitted by Tiffany Miller: “This young man Brock Guthrie, age 7 got his big buck he has been wanting to kill on November 6th, 2016 around 10am in Dillsboro.  So very proud of him and thankful Jake Moore took him.”


Tuesday, November 8


Submitted by Brian White: “Brian White got this 11 point buck in Yorkville, IN.”


Monday, November 7


Submitted by Tony Richmond: “Barbie Richmond’s first buck with crossbow 11-01-16.”


Wednesday, November 2


Submitted: “My boyfriend, Curt Moore (Dillsboro) got this 11 point buck in Dillsboro on November 1st. He got a 15 point buck at the same location on this day, five years ago!”


Tuesday, November 1


Submitted by Amanda Harper: “David Argo got a nice 12 point buck last near Patriot, IN.”


Monday, October 31


Submitted by Tricia Ober: “12 yr old Bo Ober from Manchester IN made a beautiful double lung shot on this really nice buck with his Mathews bow in Switzerland Co at his papa’s farm on 10-30-16.  Bo has been hunting since he was 4 making his first kill at age 6. His motto is, “I need to put food on the table”.  He sacrifices alot of other activities for his love of hunting!  Very proud of you buddy!”


Friday, October 28


Submitted by Mary Daugherty: “My daughter Megan went hunting with me last night. 35 yard shot using a compound bow. 10 pointer with 6 points on one side and 4 points on the other side.”


Monday, October 24



Monday, October 17


Submitted by Conner Batchelor: “Conner, 15 years old, from Batesville. I got my first buck my with my dad in Manchester on Sunday September, 23rd. On the second day of youth. I shot him from 30 yards away with my 44 rifle.”


Monday, October 10



Submitted by Brian Potts: “Elly Potts went out late on Wednesday afternoon with her Pap’m Jr Schutte in Milan, IN.  Right before sundown, several doe’s walked into the field where Elly and Pap’m had their blind set.  The doe was approximately 40 yards from the blind when Elly used her brother Aydens crossbow to harvest the doe.  Elly helped drag the deer out of the woods and even helped clean the deer.  As you can see in the pictures Elly can dress nice along with helping to feed her family.”


Friday, October 7


Submitted by Ed Zerhusen: “Opening evening of youth hunt , my grandson, Gabriel Terlau, with Dad Josh Terlau, shot this beautiful doe in Ohio County on his grandparents land .Was happy to be there to see him shoot this deer,  couldn’t have seen a happier young man!! He practiced hard shooting his 243 !! Very proud of this young man!!”


Thursday, October 6


Submitted by Amanda Brooks: “Colton Brooks of Florence, Indiana made a perfect 20 yard shot with his Parker crossbow to harvest this ten point buck in Switzerland County on October 1, 2016. Colton is a fourth grader at Ohio County Elementary School.”


Wednesday, October 5


Submitted by Tad Timon: “Hank Timon, age 9 of Guilford Indiana, killed this 10 point buck the morning of September 25th 2016. This is his first deer. Way to go Hank!”


Tuesday, October 4


Submitted by Kaitlyn Thomas: “Karsyn House of aurora 6 years old opening day of youth season first kill ever, 10 point buck!!!”



Monday, October 3


Submitted by Brittany Oettel: “Ezra Oettel, 7 years old, from Lawrenceburg, IN killed this massive 12 point buck on the evening of September 24, 2016 with a 44 mag in Dearborn County while hunting with his dad.  He went out in the morning without any luck and with less than 30 minutes of light left that evening, this amazing buck came out and gave him a shot at approximately 30 yards.  He put a perfect shot on the deer and it only went 30 yards from where he shot him.  Such an amazing weekend spending time hunting with family.  We are all so proud of you Ezra…Dad, Mom and Ella.”