1.3M Calls To Nation’s Poison Centers Involve Kids And Medicine

(New York, NY) — Nearly half of the one-point-three-million calls to poison centers each year involve kids and medicine. Kate Carr of Safe Kids Worldwide says the nation’s 55 centers get eleven-hundred calls a day from frantic parents.

Carr’s advocacy group did a study showing that young children often mistake colorful pills for candy. She says teens who manage their own medicine sometimes make mistakes by forgetting to take a pill and then doubling up. Errors can affect blood pressure or cause agitation, lethargy, confusion and unwanted trips to the emergency room. Carr recommends putting all medications up and away and out of the reach of young children.
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Kate Carr of Safe Kids Worldwide says taking the wrong medication can be very dangerous.

Carr says children under four typically get into diaper rash cream, ibuprofen and vitamins.

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