Alan Jackson Recalls Rocky Start To Career

(Nashville, TN) — Alan Jackson admits he wasn’t an instant success. The country superstar explains that his first top ten record wasn’t the first song he’d released.

Jackson introduced himself in 1989 with the song “Blue Blooded Woman,” which peaked at number 45. And the singer admits it wasn’t the best time for him to experience failure, because he couldn’t wait much longer for his big break. Alan explains that while he and wife Denise hadn’t planned on starting a family just yet, they suddenly had a baby on the way. But everything changed for Jackson with his second single. “Here In The Real World” went to number three on the Billboard chart, and became his first of 27 consecutive top ten hits over the next eight years.

Jackson is now celebrating his 25th anniversary as a recording artist. The singer will be featured in a new Country Music Hall of Fame exhibit opening in August. He’ll launch a 25th anniversary tour next year.

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Alan Jackson says as he was attempting to become a country music star, he and wife Denise unexpectedly found themselves on their way to becoming parents.