Amber Evicted From “Big Brother” House

(Undated) — One alliance is still pulling all the strings on “Big Brother.” On Thursday’s episode, the “Detonators” succeeded in evicting their target Amber. Knowing that her snubbing Caleb’s crush cost her the game, she told host Julie Chen she was happy with how she played.

Amber walked away telling the house guests that she’d done her best to play the game honestly. She was surprised to learn that the “Detonators” had formed behind her back, and was pleased to find out that Caleb would likely be their next target. Although Head of Household Frankie and his fellow “Detonators” Zach, Cody, Derrick and Christine had orchestrated putting Amber on the block, they let Caleb take the fall and feel guilty for suggesting it. His supposed betrayal put an end to their one-sided romance, making Amber confess to Christine that if she stayed, she would work on taking out Caleb. Her confession got back around to Caleb, making it easier for him to send her packing.

Meantime, the fan-voted “Team America” — Frankie, Derrick and Donny — were given their next mission from viewers. They were asked to vote against the house in the eviction and stir up trouble by accusing other house-guests of flipping. Derrick and Frankie attempted to find a way, but Donny said it was too risky for his own game and passed. “Big Brother” continues Sunday on CBS.

Additional Audio:

Amber talks about Caleb’s crush.

Donny apologizes to America for not voting against the house like they asked.

Zach explains to Julie why he keeps stirring the pot with his rants.

Caleb reacts to learning that Amber told Christine he was her target.

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