Blake Shelton Shares Keys To Success On “The Voice”

(Nashville, TN) — Blake Shelton says there are two keys to having a winning contestant on NBC’s “The Voice.” Nashville’s “Tennessean” says the country star, who has coached a singer to victory on the show in three of the past five seasons, primarily focuses on two things — personality and performance. Blake admits it’s “really easy to over-think” what each artist’s “path should be,” and to try to “create this big shocking thing” for a singer to do to really stand out to the viewers. But he feels such a tactic can backfire, and “really screw up” the singer’s chances at winning. Shelton says he’s found the best advice he can give his singers are to “just be relentless when its their time to perform,” and to let their personalities shine through. He explains that viewers are naturally “going to gravitate towards” the singers they like both “as people” and “as vocalists.”

Shelton and the show’s other original coach, Maroon 5′s Adam Levine, will join Shakira and Usher in their red swivel chairs to hear the latest crop of hopefuls and begin building their teams on the season six premiere of “The Voice.” The latest installment of the competition begins on NBC with a two-night premiere Monday and Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. Eastern.