David Nail Opens Up About Depression Battle

David Nail is opening up about his ongoing battle with depression.

He first revealed his struggle publicly in 2014 and said that he had been living with depression for a decade.

Yesterday, in a social media post, Nail wrote, “Depression is always in the back of my mind. It doesn’t hang around for months at a time like it used to, but it still pops up now and then. It doesn’t matter how good your life is going, or what a wonderful family you have. Someone can hand you a million dollars, and it will smother any joy you feel right into the ground. The more you try and ‘look at the bright side,’ the worse it makes you feel.”

Nail said “medicine and therapy” have helped him, and he has “far more good days than bad,” but knows he will live with depression for the rest of his life.

Nail also encouraged those with depression to get help.  He said there are “so many helpful options” and although you aren’t ever “cured,” your quality of life “will greatly increase.”

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