Jennifer Nettles Hoping Fans Make Emotional Connections With Her Music

(Nashville, TN) — Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles admits that with her solo album she was striving to showcase her talents as a songwriter and singer. The country star says one goal with “That Girl” was to create songs that would grab her audience on a visceral level.

But Nettles adds that the album isn’t just packed with heavy, intense songs. She says she’s hoping some tracks will inspire listeners to ease up on themselves, embrace their flaws, and “have fun with” those imperfections that make them human. Jennifer is giving the deluxe edition of “That Girl” a wider release. The set, which was originally a Target exclusive, will be available from iTunes and other retail outlets on August 12th.

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Jennifer Nettles says another goal with her music is to help listeners embrace and celebrate the flaws they perceive in themselves.