Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift Fragrances Plummet In Sales

(Undated) — Apparently celebrity perfumes aren’t selling like they used to. Fragrance house Elizabeth Arden is pointing the finger at the collections from Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift as the reason behind its huge decline in sales over the past 12 months. The company mentioned the pop stars by name in a statement addressing the 13-point-four percent drop suffered over the course of the year. Elizabeth Arden produces the scents “Girlfriend,” “Someday” and “The Key” for Bieber, as well as “Wonderstruck” and “Enchanted” for Taylor.

The fragrances have been successful in past years, however. Bieber’s “Someday” and Taylor’s “Wonderstruck” both debuted in 2011, and “The Wrap” says they were credited for reviving the celebrity perfume industry that year.