Kenny Chesney Wishes All His Shows Could Be Beach Concerts

(Nashville, TN) — Kenny Chesney says it’s hard to describe just how much he enjoyed his recent beachfront concert at the Flora-Bama Lounge in Pensacola, Florida. The country star admits he’d love to play all his concerts in that kind of environment.

Chesney adds that it was his audience that made his Flora-Bama show special. He explains that fans responded to the event “because they care, and they love music, and they love life, and they love combining all those things with their friends and their family,” and it was “just beautiful to see.”

More than 40-thousand people packed the area along the Florida-Alabama border to see the concert, which was Kenny’s only live show this year. The singer staged the performance to promote his upcoming album, “The Big Revival,” which will be in stores September 23rd. The disc features Chesney’s current single “American Kids” as well as the song “Flora-Bama.” his tribute to the Florida club.

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Kenny Chesney explains that his audience made his recent concert at Pensacola, Florida’s Flora-Bama Lounge special.