Phoenix VA Adopts IG Recommendations, Changes Underway

(Phoenix, AZ) — The head of the troubled Phoenix VA health care system is promising better care for veterans as a result of a new government report on problems with patient scheduling and access issues.

Phoenix VA director Glenn Costie said Tuesday the facility is making “significant progress” on the other three recommendations as well. He also said the VA has increased staffing and reached out to more than five-thousand veterans in the Phoenix area to expedite their care. The report by the Veterans Affairs Inspector General found widespread manipulation of scheduling data at VA hospitals nationwide. However, it concluded that none of the dozens of veterans deaths at the Phoenix VA could be blamed on delays in providing treatment.
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Phoenix VA director Glenn Costie said improvements to the system were already underway prior to the release of today’s report.

Phoenix VA director Glenn Costie had a message for veterans who were let down by the very system which was created to care for them.

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