Police: Woman Wasn’t Moved At Paisley Concert Over Breast-Feeding

(Chula Vista, CA) — Police in Chula Vista, California are speaking out about allegations a woman was moved away from the front rows of a Brad Paisley concert because she was breast-feeding in public. The police department says an officer asked the woman with an infant strapped to her chest to walk away from the giant speakers in the front of the “pit” area at the country music concert Thursday night because the officer was concerned for the safety of the baby. A video on YouTube of the incident sparked controversy, as the woman can be heard saying she was just told by a security guard to stop breast-feeding her child. The officer can be heard saying he doesn’t care about that, only that he is worried that the child might be crushed if overzealous fans rush toward the stage.

KGTV reports the woman was given the choice of either being escorted to a seated area or given a full refund. She chose the latter. Representatives for Paisley haven’t commented on the incident.