Sexts, Internet Visits Used Against Georgia Man Accused Of Killing Son

(Marietta, GA) — Sexts and questionable Internet searches are part of the prosecution’s case against a Georgia man accused of killing his one-year-old son by leaving him in a hot SUV. A detective testified about evidence in the case against Justin Harris during a court hearing in Marietta today. Detective Phil Stoddard said Harris was trading sexual messages with several women leading up to the day that he left young Cooper Harris in his SUV for hours on a hot day. Stoddard also added that Harris went to message boards on the Internet dealing with death and living a child-free life. Prosecutors said it all points to motive in the case.
Harris claims he simply forgot Cooper was in his car seat when he went to work. Stoddard said that would be unlikely considering Cooper’s size and the size and position of Cooper’s car seat. He added that Harris made several questionable statements after Cooper’s death.