Taylor Swift: I’m No Longer “Enamored By Romance”

(Undated) — Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriends can breathe a sigh of relief. In an interview with “Fusion,” the star explains that she’s shifting gears for her newly announced album “1989,” which she says is inspired by the lessons she’s learned by surrounding herself by strong, positive female friends. The 24-year-old’s priorities have changed since she wrote her chart-topping 2012 album “Red,” which she calls “a devastating record” about “an intense heartbreak.” Now, Taylor says she’s no longer “enamored by romance” and is determined to “define [her] life on [her] own terms” by focusing on friends, making music and traveling the world.

The new album “1989″ is set to arrive on October 27th, led by Taylor’s latest single “Shake It Off.”