“The Giver” Author Lois Lowry Talks Taylor Swift Role

(Undated) — Author Lois Lowry says Taylor Swift has a “small” but “crucial” role in the upcoming movie adaptation of “The Giver.” In an interview with “MTV News,” the novelist says the country superstar’s scene in the film is “very gripping” and “compelling.” She also divulges some more about Taylor’s character Rosemary. In her book, Rosemary is only mentioned, but Lowry says that “in the movie, you can see the memory of her.” Some promotional shots show Taylor’s character seated at a piano — leading fans to wonder if she’ll be contributing her vocal chops. Lowry confirms that Taylor “does not sing,” joking that “it would’ve turned the movie into a musical!”

“The Giver,” starring Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep, hits theaters on August 15th.