Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt Star In "Edge Of Tomorrow"

(Undated) — In “Edge of Tomorrow,” Tom Cruise is forced to go through the same day again and again in a brutal war with an alien race.

Cruise plays Major William Cage, who finds himself in a time loop after inadvertently inheriting the aliens’ ability to reset the day. Cage eventually meets up with a Special Forces warrior played by Emily Blunt, who helps him use his newfound skills to get closer to defeating the enemy. “Edge of Tomorrow” also stars Bill Paxton and Brendan Gleeson. In theaters this weekend, this movie is rated PG-13.

Tom Cruise talks about his character, Cage, and Emily Blunt’s character, Rita.

Tom Cruise talks about the relationship between his character and Emily Blunt’s.
Tom Cruise talks about director Doug Liman.
Emily Blunt says she didn’t look at her character as a female action star.
Emily Blunt talks about her character.
Bill Paxton talks about the humor in “Edge of Tomorrow.”
Bill Paxton talks about his character.
A clip from “Edge of Tomorrow” featuring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.
Another clip from “Edge of Tomorrow.”
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