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Study: Texting While Driving Laws Work

Posted On April 06, 2015

(Undated) -- A new study says the roads are a lot safer in states with a texting while driving ban. When researchers from Texas A&M crunched the numbers, they found a seven-percent drop in hospitalizations from car crashes in states with texting while driving bans. This man says bans are good thing.   Arizona and…

Study: Some Breast Milk Sold Online Topped Off With Cow’s Milk

Posted On April 06, 2015

(Undated) -- There's another reason for parents to reconsider buying breast milk online. Researchers have found that some samples of breast milk sold by mothers over the Internet contain at least ten-percent cow's milk. The Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio says that presents a danger to some babies who are allergic to cow's milk…

Certain Fish Oils, Fish May Raise Risk Of Chemotherapy Resistance

Posted On April 06, 2015

(Undated) -- Certain fish oil supplements and fish could make chemotherapy treatment far less effective in cancer patients. Dutch researchers say some fish oils and also herring and mackerel contain substantial levels of a fatty acid that can negate the effectiveness of chemotherapy. The researchers say volunteers who took the recommended daily dose of fish…

International Red Cross Plans To Deliver Aid To Yemen Today

Posted On April 06, 2015

(Geneva, Switzerland) -- The International Red Cross plans to fly much-needed medical supplies and aid workers into Yemen today. The agency got approval from the Saudi-led coalition there for the aid delivery during a 24-hour pause in the military conflict against Yemen's Shiite Houthi rebels. The Red Cross also wants to dispatch a surgical team…

Natural Compound Shows Promise Against Melanoma

Posted On April 06, 2015

(Tucson, AZ) -- There's a new potential weapon against melanoma. Kathy Cline has details.   Play Clip

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    Found black Lab/Pit mix

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    Location: Lawrenceburg, Indiana

    FOUND in downtown Lawrenceburg. black lab/pit mix with a white…