Health News

Study: Eating Fiber Causes Weight Loss

Posted On February 18, 2015

(Amherst, MA) -- Scientists say you can lose weight just by eating more fiber. Researchers at the University of Massachusetts put 240 adults on a high-fiber diet and told them to increase their fiber intake by at least 30 grams a day. They were allowed to eat whatever they wanted, as long they continued to…

Cigarettes Sold In Plain Packs Could Reduce Smoking

Posted On February 18, 2015

(London) -- Cigarettes sold in plain packages could lead to fewer people taking up the habit. Researchers have found that after cigarettes in plain packages were introduced in Australia two years ago, smoking declined in outdoor bars, cafes and restaurants. Under the law, cigarettes had to be sold in green packs with larger health warnings…

Over 11 Million Americans Enrolled In Obamacare

Posted On February 17, 2015

(Washington, DC) -- More than eleven million Americans are signed up for private health insurance through the Affordable Care Act. The White House tweeted a video today of the President saying "Obamacare is working better than we anticipated, certainly working better than many of the critics talked about." The open enrollment for the Affordable Care…

CDC: More Measles Cases In U.S.

Posted On February 17, 2015

(Atlanta, GA) -- There seems to be no slowdown in the measles outbreak. The CDC says 20 new cases have been confirmed in the last week, bringing 141 total measles cases since January 1st. The largest cluster is 113, linked to an outbreak started by unvaccinated people visiting Disneyland back in December. Other cases have…

First Lady Dances With Big Bird For Funny Or Die

Posted On February 17, 2015

(Undated) -- The First Lady is cozying up with Big Bird in a new "Funny or Die" video. The clip, created to mark the fifth anniversary of First Lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" healthy living campaign, shows Mrs. Obama slow dancing and playing games with the "Sesame Street" icon. Hosted by comedian Billy Eichner, the…