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Nurses Union: Hospitals Not Giving Training, Equipment For Ebola

Posted On October 12, 2014

(Oakland, CA) -- Healthcare workers are worried that they're not getting the training and equipment they need to protect themselves against Ebola. National Nurses United says its goal is to draw attention to the problem and not to cause panic. The group is upset that nurses who have to deal with the risks of Ebola…

CDC Confirms Dallas Nurse Has Ebola

Posted On October 12, 2014

(Atlanta, GA) -- There's confirmation from the CDC the nurse who cared for Thomas Duncan has tested positive for Ebola. Duncan died Wednesday at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. Earlier in the day, officials said preliminary results showed the woman had contracted the deadly virus after having extensive contact with Duncan. CDC Director Tom…

Dallas Nurse Caught Ebola Infection Early Through Self-Monitoring

Posted On October 12, 2014

(Dallas, TX) -- The Dallas nurse who caught Ebola from the first patient to die of the disease in the United States is being praised.   Texas Health Services Commissioner Dr. David Lakey said Sunday that the woman noticed a fever and notified the hospital immediately. Nearly 50 other people who had contact with Thomas…

McCain: Ebola Czar Should Be Appointed

Posted On October 12, 2014

(Phoenix, AZ) -- Senator John McCain wants to see an official leader Americans can look in the fight against Ebola.   On CNN's "State of the Union," the Arizona Republican called for a czar to be appointed. He said the announcement that a nurse who cared for the first person to die of the disease…

U.S. Airports Start Ebola Screenings

Posted On October 11, 2014

(Undated) -- U.S. Airports are beginning to screen travelers at risk for the Ebola virus. The CDC's Dr. Martin Cetron said Saturday the new entry screening procedure will involve interviewing passengers showing signs of a fever or those who have had contact with an Ebola patient. JFK Airport in New York is starting enhanced screening of…