Health News

Obama To Meet With Health Care Letter Writers

Posted On February 03, 2015

(Washington, DC) -- President Obama is meeting with ten Americans who wrote him letters about the health care law. He'll meet with them today after their letters were chosen out of thousands written to the White House. The people will thank the President for the law in the same week that the House considers a…

Study: Light Joggers Outlive Heavy Joggers

Posted On February 03, 2015

(Copenhagen) -- Jogging a lot is not going to extend your life. A study published Monday by the American College of Cardiology says high intensity joggers die at the same rate as people who never jog at all. The Danish study says light joggers live longer than non-joggers, but that strenuous joggers have the same…

Disease Trackers Developing Flu Forecast

Posted On February 03, 2015

(Boston, MA) -- The flu comes at such regular intervals that we call it "flu season" when it spreads. Now, research teams at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are testing ways to figure out in advance when flu season begins, peaks and ends. The researchers are taking the same approach as weather forecasters,…

Senate Expected To Pass Veterans Suicide Prevention Bill

Posted On February 03, 2015

(Undated) -- The Senate is expected to pass legislation today to help prevent suicide among military veterans. The House has already unanimously approved the bill that's designed to get traumatized veterans the help they need. The measure would direct the Veterans Affairs Department to create a centralized website for vets who are struggling with emotional…

Inhalable Insulin Available Today

Posted On February 03, 2015

(Undated) -- Insulin that's inhaled is now available in the U.S. The French drugmaker Sanofi is launching an inhalable insulin today. The treatment is called Afrezza and it's the only inhalable insulin on the market in this country. It uses a whistle-sized inhaler and controls blood-sugar levels in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.