Health News

Blood Test May Predict Suicide Attempts

Posted On July 30, 2014

(Undated) -- A new blood test may help predict who's likely to attempt suicide. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University say they've identified a chemical alteration that's linked to stress reactions and they plan to conduct more studies. Monitoring blood could some day help doctors more easily determine if intervention is needed for service members returning…

AstraZeneca Buys Lung Drug Rights For $2.1-Billion

Posted On July 30, 2014

(Undated) -- AstraZeneca has a deal in place to buy the rights to a group of lung drugs for more than two-billion dollars. The British drugmaker reached agreement today with the Spanish group Almirall. The deal gives AstraZeneca more resources to build up its respiratory medicine business. AstraZeneca turned down a 118-billion dollar merger offer…

Utah Receives Failing Grade For Maternity Leave Benefits

Posted On July 30, 2014

(Salt Lake City, UT) -- The National Partnership for Women and Families is giving Utah a failing grade when it comes to maternity leave benefits. Representative Jennifer Seelig says it's disappointing there aren't better benefits for new moms, since the state prides itself in their dedication to the family.   Federal law allows moms and…

Fall Sports Put Athletes At High Risk For Concussions

Posted On July 30, 2014

(Undated) -- Fall sports seasons are about to begin and a focus this year is preventing youth concussions. Neurologist Doctor Charles Bernick with the Cleveland Clinic says concussions can happen in any sport.   About four-million concussions are reported each year by student athletes, and it's believed another two-million go unreported. Doctor Bernick says it's…

Heart Attacks Are Worse For Women Than Men

Posted On July 30, 2014

(Undated) -- Compared to men, women are more likely to have longer hospital stays or even die in the hospital after a heart attack. Cardiologist Doctor Richard Krasuski with the Cleveland Clinic says there's been no difference in the hospitalization rates over the last decade.   Yale researchers found the longer hospital stays and the…