Health News

Hospital Charges Over $8,000 To Bandage Man’s Middle Finger

Posted On August 10, 2014

(Bayonne, NJ) -- A New Jersey man is being charged over eight-thousand-dollars to bandage a middle finger. Baer Hanusz-Rajowski cut his finger with a hammer recently and went to Bayonne Medical Center to see if he needed stitches. He didn't, but after visiting he received the expensive bill charging him for the emergency room visit,…

E-Cigarettes Ads Under Fire

Posted On August 08, 2014

(Silver Spring, MD) -- Nearly 30 state attorneys general are trying to ignite a ban on electronic cigarettes. The FDA was handed a proposal today hoping to enact stiffer marketing restrictions and eliminate the sale of flavored products for e-cigarettes. Unlike traditional tobacco the battery-powered devices are largely not regulated by the FDA and are…

Pfizer Facing Hundreds Of Lipitor Lawsuits

Posted On August 08, 2014

(Undated) -- The lawsuits are piling up against pharmaceutical giant Pfizer over its blockbuster cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor. Nearly a-thousand federal lawsuits have been filed in recent months by women who claim the drug gave them Type Two diabetes. They also allege Pfizer knew Lipitor could cause serious side effects but failed to properly warn the…

Neck Therapy May Cause A Stroke

Posted On August 08, 2014

(Undated) -- Neck manipulation therapy may cause a stroke. The American Heart Association has published a statement saying there could be a connection, but they are unable to confirm whether neck manipulation actually causes stroke or not. The medical debate on this subject has been going on for years. The new statement from the Heart…

Football Season Brings Threat Of Concussions

Posted On August 08, 2014

(Undated) -- Football season is kicking off, and parents need to be on the lookout for their children suffering from concussions. Doctor Rick Figler with the Cleveland Clinic says there are subtle signs that parents need to educate themselves on.   One sign to look out for is if your child asks to leave a…