Health News

Light Activity Good For Heart In Older People

Posted On February 19, 2015

(Undated) -- For older people who have trouble getting around, light activity is better than no activity. A new study on heart disease in older people says light activity like household chores is good for the heart. Researchers at the University of Florida studied the hearts of older people over a ten-year period and found…

Study Says Obesity Progress Is Too Slow

Posted On February 19, 2015

(London) -- Health experts are saying progress on the worldwide obesity problem has been "unacceptably slow." New research published in "The Lancet" says that in less than a generation, childhood obesity rates have risen dramatically worldwide. However, few countries have taken steps to protect children or implement healthy food policies. Researchers from the Harvard School…

Report: Dozens Potentially Exposed To Deadly Bacteria

Posted On February 18, 2015

(Los Angeles, CA) -- A new report claims over 100 patients at UCLA's Ronald Reagan Medical Center may have been exposed to a potentially deadly bacteria. The "Los Angeles Times" reports the exposure likely came from contaminated medical scopes following similar outbreaks at other hospitals around the country. The paper says at least seven people…

Office Supply Store Flu Survey Finds More Victims Staying Home

Posted On February 18, 2015

(Seattle, WA) -- As the country continues dealing with one of the worst flu epidemics in recent history, the office supply chain Staples says its latest flu survey found more managers encouraging sick employees to stay home. Environmental sciences professor at the University of Arizona Dr. Charles Gerba says there's good reason for managers to…

Study: Eating Fiber Causes Weight Loss

Posted On February 18, 2015

(Amherst, MA) -- Scientists say you can lose weight just by eating more fiber. Researchers at the University of Massachusetts put 240 adults on a high-fiber diet and told them to increase their fiber intake by at least 30 grams a day. They were allowed to eat whatever they wanted, as long they continued to…

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    Large Cedar Play Set w swings, 2 slides, clubhouse

    Posted on March 29, 2015
    Location: L\'burg, Bright, IN

    Large Cedar Wood Play Set with 2 swings, 2 slides…

  • Pet Patrol

    Found dog

    Posted on March 27, 2015
    Location: Moore\'s Hill, Indiana

    Found white dog with a collar but no tags. Dog…