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Study Links Autism And Pesticides

Posted On June 23, 2014

(Sacramento, CA) -- A new study suggests a link between pesticides and autism. The study out of University of California, Davis finds that pregnant mothers who live close to fields treated with certain pesticides were more likely to have kids with autism. The later the pesticide exposure happened in the pregnancy, the greater the risk.…

Court Says Defibrillators Not Required In California Retail Stores

Posted On June 23, 2014

(Pico Rivera, CA) -- Big box stores in the Golden State do not have to be equipped with defibrillators. Legal analyst Royal Oakes says the California Supreme Court has decided stores such as Target are not legally required to have an AED on their properties.   A family of a woman who died after suffering…

HIV/AIDS Cases Decrease In San Francisco, Other STD Cases Increase

Posted On June 23, 2014

(San Francisco, CA) -- As the rate of new HIV/AIDS cases decrease, gonorrhea and other STD cases are increasing in San Francisco among gay men. The "San Francisco Examiner" says new HIV/AIDS cases have dropped by more than 50-percent in the past decade, while rates of syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhea have gone significantly up. Health…

Scientists Now Know How Stress Causes Heart Attacks

Posted On June 23, 2014

(Boston, MA) -- Scientists now know how stress causes heart attacks. Under stress, the body produces more white blood cells. Those can clog up arteries and make a deadly clot more likely. Scientists believe increased production of white blood cells prepares the person for the possibility of getting hurt.

House Panel Continues Probe Of VA Controversy Tonight

Posted On June 23, 2014

(Washington, DC) -- A House panel continues a series of hearings tonight on the controversy at the Department of Veterans Affairs. The Veterans Affairs Committee will question two assistant deputy VA undersecretaries about the VA's capacity to care for a growing numbers of vets. The VA is engulfed in a controversy over scheduling problems across…

  • Pet Patrol

    Thank you, dog is back with its owner!

    Posted on July 28, 2014
    Location: Dillsboro, IN

    Farmer's retreat, 300 S area. Tan and White colored came…