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3-D Printed Organs To Sell This Year

Posted On November 04, 2014

(New York) -- A California-based biotech firm is making liver tissue with a 3-D printer, and they plan to start selling it by the end of the year. The firm Organovo is working with other laboratories to make live liver tissue for use in scientific research. The firm hopes to have 3-D printed tissues for…

Carb Loading Moves Over For Fat

Posted On November 04, 2014

(Undated) -- After years of carb loading some ultra endurance athletes are putting away their pasta and making room for more fat. Alisa Zee has more.   Play Clip

Scientists: Drug May Extend Lifespan Of Dogs

Posted On November 04, 2014

(Seattle, WA) -- Scientists at the University of Washington in Seattle say they're working on a drug that could increase the lifespan of a dog. Researchers say it's a drug called Rapamycin , which is used by transplant patients. The drug's developers tell KOMO-TV they've received a 200-thousand-dollar grant from UW and hope to receive…

Pfizer Settles Nevada Lawsuit

Posted On November 04, 2014

(Las Vegas, NV) -- A major drug firm has settled a Nevada lawsuit over its post-menopausal hormone therapy medications. State Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto claims Pfizer misled consumers and doctors about the drugs' safety and effectiveness. Pfizer has agreed to donate eight-million dollars to the University of Nevada School of Medicine and University Medical…

Few Retirees Opt Out Of Proposed Concussion Settlement

Posted On November 04, 2014

(New York, NY) -- Very few NFL retirees are opting out of a proposed multi-million dollar settlement related to concussions. The "Los Angeles Times" says less than 200 of an estimated 20-thousand former players have bowed out of the deal. Maximum individual payoffs are set at five-million dollars, though there's no monetary cap on the…