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Heart Disease Risk Factors Impact Women, Blacks The Most

Posted On August 12, 2014

(Undated) -- Five major risk factors for heart disease have a bigger impact on women than men. A new study from the American Heart Association also found risk factors like diabetes and obesity have greater effects among blacks than white people. Researchers looked at how common key risk factors were in more than 13-thousand study…

One In Ten Say They Don’t Have Any Close Friends

Posted On August 12, 2014

(Undated) -- A new survey finds that a surprising number of people feel they don't have any close friends. Conducted by U.K. counseling charity Relate, the poll finds that ten percent of people surveyed don't feel they have a single shoulder to cry on in hard times. Twenty-percent say they either rarely or never felt…

Study: Keystone Pipeline Could Produce More Carbon Emissions

Posted On August 12, 2014

(Steele City, NE) -- Building the controversial Keystone XL pipeline could mean more carbon emissions than the State Department is estimating. A new study says the pipeline could produce four times more greenhouse gas emissions than previously thought. The Obama administration has been hesitant to approve the Keystone project because of concerns about carbon pollution.…

WHO Supports Experimental Ebola Drugs

Posted On August 12, 2014

(Geneva) -- World Health Organization medical experts are backing the use of experimental drugs to fight West Africa's deadly Ebola outbreak. The panel ruled today that it is ethical to offer unproven drugs or vaccines as potential treatments, despite the fact they haven't been fully tested or licensed. Liberia will soon give two doctors infected…

Pregnancy Is The Ultimate Stress Test For Your Heart

Posted On August 12, 2014

(Undated) -- You've probably heard of pregnancy brain, but pregnancy can be hard on your heart as well. Cardiologist Richard Krasuski with the Cleveland Clinic calls pregnancy the ultimate stress test.   During the first trimester, the amount of blood increases by up to 50-percent, and the heart rate will increase by ten-to-15 beats per…