Health News

Some Cancer Survivors Still Smoke

Posted On August 06, 2014

(Undated) -- About ten-percent of long-term cancer survivors continue to smoke cigarettes following their treatment. Moreover, people who were treated for smoking-related cancers are much more likely to take up the habit again. Roughly 17-percent of bladder cancer survivors and 15-percent of lung cancer survivors continue to smoke. The research was published today in the…

NASA Glenn Studying Lake Erie Algae

Posted On August 06, 2014

(Cleveland, OH) -- Technology NASA uses to explore the surface of Mars is being used to contain toxic algae blooms on Lake Erie. Researchers from the NASA Glenn Research Center are flying over the lake with remote sensors to capture high-definition images of the algae in northwest Ohio. Those images will supplement satellite imaging to…

Writebol Being Treated At Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital

Posted On August 06, 2014

(Atlanta, GA) -- American aid worker Nancy Writebol is back in the U.S. She's being treated for an Ebola infection at Atlanta's Emory University Hospital. Bruce Johnson, the President of Christian medical mission S-I-M U.S.A., says Writebol's very weak, but she's showing signs of improvement. Writebol arrived in Georgia on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Health officials in…

Walgreens Backs Off Plan To Move Tax Domicile Overseas

Posted On August 06, 2014

(Undated) -- Walgreens is backing away from its plan to reincorporate overseas to slash its U.S. tax bill. The nation's biggest pharmacy chain said Tuesday it's going ahead with plans to buy all of European drug store chain Alliance Boots. But Walgreens said it won't use the deal to move what's called the company's tax…

Ebola Treatment First Discovered At Arizona State

Posted On August 06, 2014

(Phoenix, AZ) -- Untested tobacco plants being grown at Arizona State University could have saved the lives of two Americans infected with the Ebola virus. The head of the ASU Biodesign Institute Charles Arntzen says his research involving tobacco plants has not been approved by the government to treat the deadly disease.   The experimental…