Health News

Soda Warning Label Bill Dies In Committee

Posted On June 17, 2014

(Sacramento, CA) -- A bill that would have made California the first state to put warning labels on sugary drinks won't make it to the governor's desk. The bill was turned back by the Assembly Health Committee Tuesday, failing to get enough votes to pass. The bill would have required labels to appear on soda…

McMahon Says Injuries Led To Suicidal Thoughts

Posted On June 17, 2014

(Chicago, IL) -- Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon says his battle with early onset dementia and depression were so intense that he considered killing himself. The 1985 Super Bowl-winning QB is one of hundreds of former NFL players who are suing the league for ignoring the severity of concussions. McMahon is expected to be…

Washington D.C. Tops List Of Walkable Cities

Posted On June 17, 2014

(Washington, DC) -- Washington D.C. is the nation's most walkable city. Researchers ranked 30 major cities on how easy it was to walk to work and shopping. Other cities in the top five included Chicago and Boston. Phoenix, Arizona and Orlando, Florida were at the bottom of the list. Researchers also found the smaller a…

Dr. Oz On Hot Seat Over Weight-Loss Products

Posted On June 17, 2014

(Washington, DC) -- Doctor Mehmet Oz, host of TV's "Dr. Oz" show, is on the hot seat over weight- loss products. In a Senate hearing, Oz said he does not endorse weight-loss products. He insisted that he is firmly against false and deceptive ads for weight-loss products. Missouri Democrat Claire McCaskill challenged Dr. Oz' claims.…

Caffeine Affects Boys And Girls Differently Starting In Puberty

Posted On June 17, 2014

(Undated) -- Caffeine has different effects on boys than it does on girls once they reach puberty. Researchers at the University of Buffalo found even a couple milligrams of caffeine can cause a boy's heart rate to drop. A low dose also can cause a boy's systolic blood pressure to rise although the researchers don't…

  • Pet Patrol

    Missing chocolate Lab female, no collar

    Posted on July 25, 2014
    Location: Aurora

    Near 148 and Melody Lane. Chocolate Lab female recently rescued,…