Health News

FDA Approves Gene-Testing Kit

Posted On February 20, 2015

(Washington, DC) -- Google is going to market with the first do-it-yourself gene-testing kit. The FDA approved genetic test screens for a mutation that causes a rare disorder called Bloom Syndrome. The FDA previously barred the company from marketing a gene-testing kit that screened for cancer and heart disease, saying it hadn't received marketing clearance.…

CDC: Ebola Contacts Need Quarantine Help

Posted On February 20, 2015

(Atlanta, GA) -- The CDC has new rules on how to quarantine people exposed to Ebola. Researchers from the CDC reviewed people who were part of an Ebola quarantine in Dallas last year. The quarantined citizens told the researchers they needed help with daily needs such as work, school, paying bills and buying food. The…

Cancer Survival Is Up

Posted On February 20, 2015

(Nashville, TN) -- Good news about cancer -- more people are surviving. A new analysis from Vanderbilt University says the proportion of people surviving years after a cancer diagnosis is improving. Researchers studied middle-aged cancer patients for five-year periods, starting in 1990 and again in 2005. The cancer patients in 2005 were about 68-percent more…

FDA Knew Device Could Spread Superbug

Posted On February 20, 2015

(Undated) -- Health experts are saying that the FDA has known for years that the medical device that caused the recent "superbug" outbreak could spread lethal infections, but that the agency didn't do anything about it. The FDA has known about the dangers of the device since 2009, when it issued a warning to healthcare…

Skin Damage Happens Long After Exposure

Posted On February 20, 2015

(Washington, DC) -- The skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays keeps happening after you get out of the sun. Researchers said Thursday that much of the damage caused by UV radiation happens three to four hours after exposure, because of chemical changes involving a pigment in the skin called melanin. Researchers at the Yale School…