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U.S. Scientists See Ebola Outbreak Lasting Another 12-18 Months

Posted On September 15, 2014

(Undated) -- American scientists see West Africa's Ebola outbreak raging for another 12 to 18 months. Specialists at the National Institutes of Health and the Defense Department are not as optimistic as the World Health Organization. WHO said last month it hopes to contain the outbreak within nine months. There have been nearly 43-hundred Ebola…

Marriage Survey Says Happy Wife Equals Happy Life

Posted On September 15, 2014

(Undated) -- The secret to a happy marriage might be a happy wife. Researchers studied almost 400 couples and found that one of the most powerful influences on the happiness of a marriage is how happy the wife is. Study authors say when a woman is happy, she tends to want to do more for…

Male Birth Control Shot Could Be Available Within Three Years

Posted On September 15, 2014

(Undated) -- A reversible birth control shot for men could be available less than three years from now. Researchers are developing a substance that has the same effect as a vasectomy, but it isn't permanent. They're testing the shots on baboons and so far, the substance seems to prevent pregnancy. The next step is to…

Journalists World’s Top Coffee Drinkers, Survey Says

Posted On September 15, 2014

(Undated) -- A new survey reports that journalists and other media professionals drink more coffee than any other group of workers in the world. Police officers are second and teachers are third. The survey by a British blog finds that the average reporter, cop and teacher all drink four or more cups of coffee every…

Report: Obama To Announce Ebola Offensive

Posted On September 14, 2014

(Undated) -- President Obama is set to announce he's stepping up the U.S. offensive against Ebola. The "Wall Street Journal" reports Obama will detail the plan Tuesday during a visit to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. Sources familiar with the plan say it will call for greater involvement by the U.S…