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Giant Tumor Removed From Atlanta Woman’s Stomach

Posted On June 12, 2014

(Atlanta, GA) -- A Georgia woman is recovering after doctors removed a beach ball-sized tumor from her stomach. WSB-TV reports Doris Lewis called 9-1-1 earlier this week when the pain in her stomach became too much to bear. She didn't have health insurance, and initially ignored the massive bulge in her stomach, thinking it was…

New Cancer Drug Helps Body Fight Disease Naturally

Posted On June 12, 2014

(Undated) -- Scientists say they've developed a drug that helps the body successfully fight cancer naturally. The so-called delta inhibitor drugs that have proven successful in treating leukemia are also effective in lab tests against cancers of the lungs, pancreas, skin and breasts. Researchers say they're probably also effective against many other forms of the…

High Protein Diet May Reduce Risk Of Stroke

Posted On June 12, 2014

(Undated) -- A high protein diet may be easiest way to cut down your chances of having a stroke. Doctor Jennifer Frontera is a neurologist with Cleveland Clinic and says a high protein diet will improve your cholesterol.   Research showed people were 20-percent less likely to suffer a stroke if they ate at least…

Sleep Apnea Treatment Lowers Blood Pressure

Posted On June 12, 2014

(Undated) -- People who use CPAP to treat their sleep apnea have lower blood pressure. Doctor Reena Mehra with Cleveland Clinic says CPAP is more effective in lowering blood pressure than supplemental oxygen.   Supplemental oxygen is received through a tube inserted into the nose. According to the study, there was no difference in blood…

New Research Shows Why Statins Increase Diabetes Risk

Posted On June 12, 2014

(Undated) -- It's now clear why statin drugs increase the risk of developing diabetes. Canadian researchers found the medications prevent insulin from working properly. They do that by activating a specific immune-system response. The researchers say the next step is finding out how statins work in the pancreas. Statins are used worldwide to lower cholesterol.…

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    Lost Boston Terrier

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    Location: Greendale, Indiana

    Lost Boston Terrier named Clyde. He is male and is…