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Judge Gives Preliminary Okay To NFL Concussion Settlement

Posted On July 07, 2014

(Philadelphia, PA) -- A federal judge in Pennsylvania is giving her preliminary approval to a settlement between the NFL and thousands of former players who claim they're suffering from brain damage from their time in the league. The deal includes hundreds of millions of dollars for compensation and research into concussions. It's not a done…

Less Exercise To Blame For Not Losing Weight

Posted On July 07, 2014

(Philadelphia, PA) -- Not moving around may be the real reason obesity rates are rising. Obesity affects over 35-percent of American adults and is a risk factor in many serious health conditions. Researchers found over a 20-year period, people ate the same amount of calories. However, a growing number of those people stopped doing physical…

Sleep Deprivation Can Lead To Schizophrenia Symptoms

Posted On July 07, 2014

(Undated) -- Lack of sleep can lead to symptoms similar to schizophrenia. Schizophrenia can cause auditory and visual hallucinations. Researchers at a German university said people who stayed up for 24 hours were more sensitive to lights and bright colors. They were also more easily distracted and couldn't determine what information was important. Scientists say…

Losing Weight Can Reduce Hot Flashes

Posted On July 07, 2014

(Cleveland, OH) -- Menopausal women may reduce their hot flashes by losing weight. The red, flushed face and feeling of heat can happen without warning. Researchers found a big link between weight loss and reduction in hot flashes. The researchers are hoping to conduct a larger study. Hot flashes can last some post-menopausal women for…

Rare Caribbean Illness Found In Texas

Posted On July 07, 2014

(Williamson County, TX) -- A rare Caribbean illness is being diagnosed in Texas. State Health Services confirmed today that someone in Williamson County contracted chikungunya through a mosquito bite while on vacation. Symptoms include joint pain, swelling, rashes, high fever, and head and muscle aches. There is some concern the virus could spread across Texas…