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Salmonella-Infected Chia Powder Sickens 21

Posted On June 16, 2014

(Undated) -- Federal investigators are checking out how salmonella bacteria is getting into health-food powder. Officials confirmed last week that chia-seed powder has sickened at least 21 people nationwide. The powder is sold under many brand names and at many stores. Sprouted chia seeds have been known to carry salmonella and E. coli bacteria. However,…

Study: Kids Pack On The Pounds Over Summer Vacation

Posted On June 15, 2014

(Undated) -- Easy summer living is a recipe for packing on some extra pounds for a growing number of kids. A new Harvard University study shows schoolchildren tend to gain weight more quickly over summer break. That's particularly alarming considering it's a time when most kids should be outside getting exercise. Researchers say irregular sleeping…

Google To Release Health Tracking Service

Posted On June 14, 2014

(Mountain View, CA) -- Google is getting set to release a fitness tracking service. "Forbes" says Google Fit will collect and aggregate data from popular fitness trackers and health-related apps. The service that's expected to be officially announced at a developers conference later this month is a direct challenge to Apple's similar HealthKit framework that…

Florida Governor Signs New Abortion Law

Posted On June 13, 2014

(Tallahassee, FL) -- Florida is about to get a new abortion law. Governor Rick Scott signed a bill today that makes abortions illegal at any point of a pregnancy if a doctor decides the fetus can survive outside the womb. Under current law, abortions are prohibited after 24 weeks unless the mother's life is in…

California Dealing With Whooping Cough Epidemic

Posted On June 13, 2014

(Sacramento, CA) -- The number of whooping cough cases in California is hitting epidemic levels. The California Department of Public Health says as of June 10th, this year has seen more than three-thousand, 450 cases of whooping cough, or pertussis which is the official medical term. More than 800 cases have been reported in the…

  • Pet Patrol

    Lost Family Member

    Posted on July 26, 2014
    Location: Milan, IN

    Lost dog. 14 yr old female Lassa-Poo, grey hair, blind…