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Report: Hillary Clinton Upset With Supreme Court Over Birth Control Ruling

Posted On July 05, 2014

(Washington, DC) -- Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says she's bewildered and confused by the Supreme Court's ruling to exempt religious employers from offering birth control with their health insurance. In an interview with ABC News, Clinton remarked that she thinks the ruling is a serious violation of women's rights. She said she hoped…

Chicken Recall Issued Over Salmonella Outbreak

Posted On July 05, 2014

(Los Angeles, CA) -- The largest poultry producer in California is recalling chicken products because of a salmonella outbreak going back 16 months. The Foster Farms recall is for chicken which have "use or freeze by" dates from March 21st to March 29th. More than 500 people across more than half a dozen states have gotten…

Illinois Voters To Weigh In On Birth Control Issue

Posted On July 05, 2014

(Springfield, IL) -- The issue of birth control has been a hot topic in the news lately, and Illinois voters may get to weigh in on the issue in November. Senator Iris Martinez says women need access to contraceptives to protect their health, not just to keep pregnancies at bay.   Martinez backed a ballot…

Study Explains Why Magic Mushrooms Cause Dream-Like Sensation

Posted On July 04, 2014

(Undated) -- There's a good reason people who take psychedelic mushrooms often say the hallucinogen puts them in a dream-like state. A study was done on 15 volunteers who got MRI brain scans after receiving injections of psilocybin , the active ingredient in "magic mushrooms." Researchers found the psilocybin caused patterns of brain activity that…

Concern Over Undocumented Immigrants Bringing Illnesses To San Diego

Posted On July 04, 2014

(San Diego, CA) -- The arrival of 140 undocumented immigrants in the San Diego area earlier this week has spurred concern that they pose a serious health risk. Several of the Central American children who arrived have been taken to area hospitals with unknown illnesses, and several more have been quarantined with active scabies. Border…