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Scientific Journal Questions Autism-Vaccine Study

Posted On August 28, 2014

(Undated) -- A scientific journal is pulling the online version of an autism-vaccine study it published earlier this year. The original study linked the onset of autism to the vaccination of young children. However, there are now serious concerns about that conclusion. The author of the study says he based his report on data from…

Study: Yoga Lessens Knee Pain Caused By Arthritis

Posted On August 28, 2014

(Undated) -- If you're having knee pain, it may be time to turn to yoga. Yoga therapist Judi Bar with the Cleveland Clinic says yoga can help get rid of knee pain cause by arthritis.   A study done by researchers at the University of Minnesota found women suffering from knee osteoarthritis who did an…

FDA Warns Against Contact Lenses For Kids

Posted On August 28, 2014

(Undated) -- The FDA is warning parents that contact lenses aren't always the best option for their kids. Doctor Elias Traboulsi with the Cleveland Clinic says age isn't the only factor to consider.   The FDA says children are being treated in emergency rooms across the country for injuries related to contacts. The most common…

FIFA And U.S. Soccer Associations Facing Concussion Lawsuit

Posted On August 27, 2014

(Undated) -- FIFA and U.S-based soccer associations are facing a class action lawsuit over concussions. The lawsuit alleges the associations have failed to adopt effective policies to evaluate and manage concussions sustained by players. Plaintiffs aren't currently seeking monetary damages, but they are looking to change the rules of the game. They would like to…

Law Protects Pregnant Women In The Workplace

Posted On August 27, 2014

(Chicago, IL) -- The ACLU is on board with a new Illinois law that gives pregnant women more protections in the workplace.   That's the ACLU's Lorie Chaiten. She says the law allows moms-to-be to sit down if they need to and take more bathroom breaks and water breaks when necessary. It also requires employers…