Health News

Experimental Ebola Drug Cures Group Of Lab Monkeys

Posted On September 01, 2014

(Undated) -- A group of scientists think they may have a potential cure for the deadly Ebola virus. They reported Friday that the experimental drug ZMapp cured 18 lab monkeys infected with Ebola, including monkeys not treated until five days after becoming infected. The drug helped even lab monkeys with advanced Ebola symptoms such as…

Parents Admit To Stress, Anxiety Over Start Of School Year

Posted On September 01, 2014

(Louisville, KY) -- It's not just kids who don't want to see summer vacation come to an end. More than 40-percent of the parents taking part in a National Center for Families Learning poll say they have anxieties about the start of a new school year. Nearly 30-percent of the moms and dads admit it's…

Texas Appeals Abortion Ruling

Posted On September 01, 2014

(Austin, TX) -- Texas is appealing a decision by a federal judge over the state's new abortion law. Attorney General Greg Abbott filed the emergency motion with the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals Sunday night, asking for a ruling by Friday. This, after a judge ruled last week that the law was unconstitutional because it…

New Study Suggests ADHD Drugs Do Not Stunt Growth

Posted On September 01, 2014

(Undated) -- A new study is suggesting ADHD pills do not stunt the growth of children. The study published in the "American Academy of Pediatrics" journal and shows stimulant medications have no effect on the height of children once they reach adulthood. Researchers examined hundreds of adults and kids diagnosed with ADHD and compared their…

Survey: Ladies Make Up 12% Of Motorcycle Riders

Posted On September 01, 2014

(Undated) -- A new report says more women are hopping on motorcycles than ever before. The "Los Angeles Times" quotes a Motorcycle Industry Council survey as saying female bike riders made up 12-percent of the U.S. motorcycle market in 2012. That's up from eight-percent reported in 2009. Motorcycle manufacturers are paying very close attention to…