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Respiratory Illness Affecting Children In Colorado, Around Country

Posted On September 09, 2014

(Aurora, CO) -- Children's Hospital Colorado is seeing an unusually high number of patients with respiratory illnesses for this time of year. Dr. Chris Nyquist with the Hospital in Aurora talks about the type of sickness, which is also affecting kids around the country.   Colorado and several other states have contacted the Centers for…

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Most Common Cause Of Birth Defects

Posted On September 09, 2014

(Cleveland, OH) -- Prenatal alcohol exposure is the leading cause of birth defects in the United States, and Doctor Rebecca Stark with the Cleveland Clinic says no amount of alcohol is safe.   Researchers say one in 13 pregnant women admit to drinking in the past 30 days. Of those, one in six report binge…

Midway Airport Opens Yoga And Nursing Rooms

Posted On September 09, 2014

(Chicago, IL) -- Midway Airport in Chicago is now a place where travelers can perform yoga and where mother's can privately nurse their babies. The yoga room is equipped with mats and is free to anyone. The nursing room is a private room with a chair, sink and a changing area. Both rooms are located…

Doctor Comments On Respiratory Illness Affecting Kids

Posted On September 08, 2014

(Aurora, CO) -- Hundreds of kids across the nation are coming down with a respiratory illness.   Dr. Chris Nyquist with Children's Hospital Colorado says the hospital is seeing an unprecedented number of kids having respiratory illnesses for this time of year. She says parents should bring their child to a doctor if they're starting…

U.S. To Establish Field Hospital In Ebola-Ravaged Liberia

Posted On September 08, 2014

(Washington, DC) -- The U.S. is preparing to send medical support to the hard-hit nation of Liberia, as West Africa continues to struggle with the worst Ebola outbreak ever. The Pentagon will establish a 25-bed field hospital specifically for ill or injured health workers in the area. The 22-million dollar facility will not include U.S.…