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Relax And Rest When You’re Sick

Posted On January 09, 2015

(Undated) -- When we're sick the last thing we should do is get up and get active. Mark Wargusi with Better Health Stores says we may feel badly missing our workouts but we're doing more harm than good by pushing ourselves.   Wargusi says sugars are bad for you when you're sick but herbal teas…

New Antibiotic Called “Game-Changer”

Posted On January 08, 2015

(Undated) -- Researchers say they've come up with an antibiotic that could be resistant to bacteria for 30 years or longer. Medical experts call this new antibiotic, the first in three decades, a "game-changer." Researchers from Northeastern University and a star-up called NovaBiotic Pharmaceuticals discovered the antibiotic by digging in dirt from a grassy field…

Women With PTSD More Likely To Develop Type 2 Diabetes

Posted On January 08, 2015

(Undated) -- Women with post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD may be at greater risk for developing Type 2 diabetes. Researchers found the more symptoms of PTSD a woman has, the more likely she is to end up having Type 2 diabetes. In fact, those women may be twice as likely to have both of these…

Avocado A Day Could Lower Heart Disease Risk

Posted On January 08, 2015

(Undated) -- Eating an avocado every day could protect you against heart disease. A new study says including avocados in your daily diet can lower the risk of developing heart disease. Researchers found that a so-called avocado diet lowered "bad" cholesterol and total cholesterol. They suggest using avocados as condiments, such as putting slices on…

American Red Cross Pressured To Reject Tobacco Money

Posted On January 08, 2015

(New York) -- The International Red Cross is leaning on the American Red Cross to stop taking money from big tobacco companies. A top official with the humanitarian network says the American Red Cross risks damaging the reputation of the global organization because it accepts donations from tobacco companies. The American Red Cross has received…