Health News

Primary Care Trying To Make A Comeback

Posted On October 01, 2014

(Undated) -- A new study shows that 50-million Americans are not accessing primary care causing more visits to the emergency room. Researchers from the UnitedHealth Center for reform and modernization have found that an estimated 70-percent of ER visits are for non-emergency related cases that would be better handled in a primary care setting. The…

Johnson & Johnson Buying Private Drug Maker

Posted On October 01, 2014

(Undated) -- Johnson & Johnson is buying up private drug developer Alios BioPharma for just under two-billion dollars. Johnson has recently focused efforts on developing treatments for infectious diseases. Alios is developing an experimental drug to treat infants with a serious respiratory virus, which would complement Johnson's portfolio.

Federal Judge Rules Against Obamacare Subsidies

Posted On September 30, 2014

(Washington, DC) -- Opponents of Obamacare are scoring a victory. Tuesday, a federal judge in Oklahoma ruled that tax subsidies created under the Affordable Care Act are unlawful. U.S. District Judge Ronald White found the IRS rule that set up the tax-credit subsidies was "an invalid implementation" of the law. The Obama administration created the…

Snack Foods On The Rise Around The World

Posted On September 30, 2014

(Undated) -- People all over the world are eating more snacks. A new study released by the Nielsen Global Survey of Snacking says North America and Europe still make up a majority of the global sales of snack foods, but there is a growing market in developing countries. James Russo is Senior Vice President of…

7-Eleven To Test Healthy Food

Posted On September 30, 2014

(Los Angeles, CA) -- The world's largest convenience store chain is offering consumers healthier food. 7-Eleven is testing a line of food the chain calls "nutritionally balanced." Beginning today, over 100 stores in the Los Angeles market are trying the new foods using fitness guru Tony Horton's image to advertise them. Their healthier menu will…