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CDC Director: Ebola Epidemic Will Get Worse Quickly

Posted On September 02, 2014

(Atlanta, GA) -- The CDC Director says the world's first Ebola epidemic will get worse quickly if nothing is done to stop it.   Doctor Tom Frieden told NBC's "Today" this outbreak of Ebola is different than any other in the past. He says it's spreading faster and further than they've seen before. Additional Audio:…

Japanese Researchers Develop Fast Ebola Diagnosis

Posted On September 02, 2014

(Undated) -- Researchers in Japan say they've come up with a test that can diagnose Ebola in 30 minutes. They say the new test also is cheaper than the method now being used in West Africa. Ebola has killed more than 15-hundred people in that region this summer. The doctors who led the research team…

E-Cigarettes Secondhand Smoke Contains Toxic Metals, Researchers Say

Posted On September 02, 2014

(Undated) -- E-cigarettes are somewhat safer for smokers, but still release some dangerous toxins into the air. Researchers at the University of Southern California report that secondhand smoke from e-cigarettes contains high levels of harmful metals. The researchers say the metal particles in e-cigarette smoke probably come from the cartridges in the devices. Findings of…

Study Says Pistachios Could Help Reduce Diabetes Risk

Posted On September 02, 2014

(Undated) -- Eating pistachios could help prevent type 2 diabetes. Researchers in Spain studied people with higher-than-normal blood sugar levels. Such people have what doctors call pre-diabetes. Those who ate about two ounces of pistachios a day showed significant drops in blood sugar and insulin levels, along with improved insulin and glucose processing. The study…

Illinois To Start Accepting Medical Marijuana Apps

Posted On September 02, 2014

(Springfield, IL) -- People in Illinois living with things like cancer, HIV, Aids, Crohn's Disease, MS, and seizure disorders can start applying for a medical marijuana license today. Applicants will need to have a prescription from their doctor in order to get the license. They'll also need to submit fingerprints and get a background check.…