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Antioxidant-Rich Diet May Not Lead To Longer Lifespan

Posted On January 08, 2015

(Undated) -- Those foods that are rich in antioxidants may not help you live longer after all. Researchers at the University of California-Irvine studied retirees for over 30 years and found that those who have a lot of antioxidants in their diets don't live any longer than those who just eat well overall. Antioxidants, like…

Playing Outdoors In Winter

Posted On January 08, 2015

(Undated) -- Kids enjoy playing outside, even when the mercury dips. Whether it's skating, sledding or enjoying the snow, it's important to make sure kids are dressed right for freezing temperatures. Doctor Elaine Schulte at the Cleveland Clinic says winter weather basics are a must.   Doctor Schulte says wearing a face mask will ensure…

Whole Foods Pulling ‘Bleating Heart’ Cheeses Over Listeria Fears

Posted On January 07, 2015

(Sacramento,CA) -- Whole Foods Market is pulling a specific brand of cheese from ts stores because of Listeria fears. The chain is recall wrapped and "Bleating Heart" cheeses sold in its California, Arizona and Hawaii because of possible Listeria contamination. The Federal Drug Administration says though no illnesses have been reported, the Listeria organism can…

Petco Stops Selling Treats From China

Posted On January 07, 2015

(Rapid City, SD) -- Petco stores across the nation are no longer selling treats made in China. Reports show more than a thousand animals have died from the treats since 2007. An investigation is underway by the Food and Drug Administration. Petco has around 13-hundred stores in the country. PetSmart, meanwhile, has said it plans…

Study: Cold Suppresses Immune System

Posted On January 07, 2015

(Undated) -- If you want to avoid catching a cold, keep your nose warm. New research by the Yale University School of Medicine found that the immune response to the cold virus is less effective in the cooler temperatures of the nose than in the warmer temperatures of the lungs. The new findings, published Monday,…