Health News

Pizza Adds More Calories To Children’s Daily Diets

Posted On January 20, 2015

(Undated) -- That extra slice may be adding to your children's waistline. According to a study out of the University of Illinois, eating pizza adds nearly 100 more calories to children's daily intake and more than 200 calories to the daily caloric intake of teens. In addition to the caloric intake, children studied had more…

Study: Lack Of Clean Drinking Water Leads To Obesity

Posted On January 20, 2015

(Davis, CA) -- A recent study shows some people in rural parts of California are drinking soda because of a lack of clean, drinking water. The study from the University of California-Davis shows their consumption of soda and other sugary drinks is partly to blame for obesity and Type 2 diabetes.   Dr. Lucia Kaiser…

Alabama Leads In Opioid Use

Posted On January 20, 2015

(Birmingham, AL) -- Some of the highest rates for opioid use are the country is in the southeast, including Alabama. "Express Scripts" reviewed 36-million prescription records from 2009 to 2013. It shows Alabama patients often receive drugs from multiple doctors and pharmacies. What researchers are trying to figure out is if the pain medication is giving…

Less Sleep Could Ruin Your Career

Posted On January 19, 2015

(Undated) -- Working more and sleeping less may not get you ahead in your career. According to a study by the Division of Sleep Medicine, sleeping less to work more leads to an inability to focus, a draining of your mood and less access to higher-level brain functions. All of which could lead to increased…

Foreskin Lawsuit Spurs Protest

Posted On January 19, 2015

(Boynton Beach, FL) -- An estranged Florida couple's fight over whether or not to circumcise their son is stirring up debate on the issue. Those who oppose the procedure are using the case to describe the process as barbaric. Judges have ruled in favor to allow the father to have his son circumcised, but the…