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UC Merced Researchers Find Parasite More Dangerous Than Thought

Posted On February 25, 2015

(Merced, CA) -- Researchers at UC Merced are finding that a parasite found in undercooked meat is more dangerous than previously believed. The "Merced Sun Star" says that the toxoplasma parasite can result in flu-like symptoms, but more serious cases can also cause lesions in the retina and the brain. The parasite is most commonly…

Britain Legalizes Three-Parent Babies

Posted On February 25, 2015

(London) -- Britain will become the first nation to legalize three-parent babies. Lawmakers in Parliament Tuesday voted to allow three-parent in-vitro fertilization. The technique is controversial because, while some doctors say it can prevent inherited and incurable diseases, critics fear it will lead to "designer babies." A three-parent embryo has DNA from a mother, a…

Study: Depressed More Likely To Commit Violent Crime

Posted On February 25, 2015

(London) -- People diagnosed with severe depression are more likely to commit violent crime. A new study by the psychiatry department at Oxford University found that people who are clinically depressed are three times more likely than the general population to commit crimes such as robbery, assault and sexual offenses. The research team tracked the…

New Anti-Aging Chocolate Makes Skin Look 30 Years Younger

Posted On February 25, 2015

(Undated) -- Scientists in the U.K. say they've created a new kind of chocolate that makes you look younger. Cambridge-based firm Lycotec explains that the anti-aging sweet, dubbed Esthechoc, contains high levels of two powerful anti-oxidants. So eating just a small piece a day will supposedly reverse the skin's natural aging process. The makers tell…

White House Stands By VA Secretary

Posted On February 25, 2015

(Washington, DC) -- White House spokesman Josh Earnest says President Obama is standing by VA Secretary Bob McDonald, who apologized this week for verbally enhancing his military record.   McDonald said he served in the U.S. special forces but he actually was part of the Army's 82nd Airborne Division. McDonald subsequently apologized. Additional audio: White…