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Coffee May Reduce Skin Cancer

Posted On January 21, 2015

(Undated) -- Coffee could lower your risk of skin cancer. A new study says people who drink four or more cups a day have a 20-percent lower risk of developing malignant melanoma than people who drink less coffee. Researchers say the protective benefits of coffee increased the more a person drank. Decaffeinated coffee did not…

Health Benefits From A Hug

Posted On January 21, 2015

(Undated) -- "National Hugging Day" is being celebrated today. January 21st has been deemed a day to "hug it out" and while it may seem corny, your body actually benefits from the simple outburst of emotion. Researchers say people who experience high levels of social support and get hugged often have a decreased risk for…

Patient With Ebola Symptoms Tests Negative

Posted On January 21, 2015

(Hackensack, NJ) -- The airline passenger hospitalized in New Jersey with Ebola-like symptoms earlier this week does not have the disease. The woman got sick on a United Airlines flight and had signs of a fever while flying into Newark on Monday. Police in protective gear removed the woman from the plane and brought her…

Relationships Lead To Weight loss

Posted On January 21, 2015

(Undated) -- Want to quit smoking or lose weight, try getting into a relationship. According to the University College London, people are more likely to quit smoking and start working out if their domestic partners also make a healthy change. The study shows that 48-percent of men successfully gave up smoking when their partners did…

Former Scoliosis Patient Creates App To Help Young Patients

Posted On January 20, 2015

(San Francisco, CA) -- A former scoliosis patient is credited with creating an app to help young patients deal with the condition. KTVU says Carol Tran plans to release a smartphone app in the spring to offer tips for patients and parents dealing with the effects of the condition. The app will include helpful ways…