Health News

Patient With Ebola Symptoms Tests Negative

Posted On January 21, 2015

(Hackensack, NJ) -- The airline passenger hospitalized in New Jersey with Ebola-like symptoms earlier this week does not have the disease. The woman got sick on a United Airlines flight and had signs of a fever while flying into Newark on Monday. Police in protective gear removed the woman from the plane and brought her…

Former Scoliosis Patient Creates App To Help Young Patients

Posted On January 20, 2015

(San Francisco, CA) -- A former scoliosis patient is credited with creating an app to help young patients deal with the condition. KTVU says Carol Tran plans to release a smartphone app in the spring to offer tips for patients and parents dealing with the effects of the condition. The app will include helpful ways…

Disneyland Measles Outbreak Hits Mexico

Posted On January 20, 2015

(Anaheim, CA) -- A 22-month-old Mexican girl is the latest case of measles related to a Disneyland outbreak. California public health officials say the total number of confirmed cases has now reached 51. That includes two cases in Utah, two in Washington State and one in Colorado. Health officials say the contamination period occurred between…

McDonald’s Reveals What Goes Into Fries

Posted On January 20, 2015

(Undated) -- McDonald's is continuing its campaign to show consumers exactly how their food is made and what it's made of. Following last month's chicken nugget reveal, the company today released a video showing how McDonald's fries are made. It turns out there are 19 ingredients, including chemicals that stop the potatoes from "going gray"…

What You Eat Affects How You See

Posted On January 20, 2015

(Undated) -- It turns out your mother was only partly correct when she told you to eat your carrots because they're good for your eyesight. That's according to opthamologist Dr. Robert Abel Junior.   Dr. Abel says you can reverse the process or at least help stop the progression of the degeneration of your eyes.…