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Obama: ACA At Five Working “Better Than Anticipated”

Posted On March 22, 2015

(Washington, DC) -- It's the fifth anniversary of the Affordable Care Act. President Obama says the law known widely as Obamacare is working in many ways even better than experts anticipated. Obama cited the 16-million previously uninsured people who have signed up for healthcare under the ACA. He also praised the law's requirements that keep…

Borland: No Retirement Regrets, Football “Inherently Dangerous”

Posted On March 22, 2015

(Washington, DC) -- An NFL player who walked away from a promising career over concerns about the long-lasting effects of concussions isn't second-guessing his choice.   On CBS's "Face the Nation," retired rookie linebacker Chris Borland called football inherently dangerous and indicated the league's efforts to change its culture won't take root. He also indicated…

New Alzheimer’s Drug Shows Promise

Posted On March 21, 2015

(Undated) -- Early tests for a new Alzheimer's drug are producing better-than-expected results. Researchers say the experimental drug quickly slowed down the decline of mental functions of patients in a small clinical trial. The "New York Times" says the new drug developed by Biogen could achieve sales in the billions if the results of the…

Emotional Day For Medical Students At Mount Sinai

Posted On March 20, 2015

(New York, NY) -- It's a very emotional day for medical students at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. After years of studying, 139 students opened envelopes directing where they will spend their medical residency. Salina is headed to Brigham Hospital in Boston.   Thousands of students nationwide took part in what's called "match day."…

Colorectal Cancer Death Rate Could Be Halved Through Proper Screening

Posted On March 20, 2015

(New York, NY) -- The American Cancer Society says the death rate from colorectal cancer could be cut in half if people followed screening guidelines. Dr. Jordan Karlitz is a gastroenterologist at Tulane University School of Medicine.   Dr. Karlitz says you should get your first colonoscopy at age 50 or sooner if you have…