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Learning To Read Doesn’t End In 4th Grade

Posted On July 21, 2014

(Hanover, NH) -- Children don't stop learning to read in fourth grade, despite that having been the theory for decades. Researchers with Dartmouth College in New Hampshire say it's just not true. They found some word-processing skills are complete in fourth grade. However, kids don't learn to filter out meaningless symbols or pseudowords until fifth…

A Person’s Gaze Can Indicate Romantic Love Versus Sexual Desire

Posted On July 21, 2014

(Undated) -- Someone's gaze can signal whether they're feeling either a romantic attraction or sexual desire toward another person. A new study shows someone feeling possible romantic love will focus on the other person's face. On the other hand, University of Chicago researchers found those who focus more on another person's body are feeling sexual…

Schumer, Blumenthal Call For More Affordable Pet Meds

Posted On July 21, 2014

(New York, NY) -- New York Senator Charles Schumer and Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal are calling for more affordable meds for pet owners. Schumer says it's a matter of fairness.   Their "Fairness to Pet Owners Act," aims to save pet owners hundreds of dollars a year by giving them access to their pets' prescriptions…

R.J. Reynolds To Appeal $23 Billion Judgement

Posted On July 20, 2014

(Pensacola, FL) -- R. J. Reynolds is promising to appeal after the tobacco giant lost a case in Florida's Escambia County and was ordered to pay more than 23-billion-dollars in damages. The punitive damages were awarded in the suit filed by Cynthia Robinson. Her late husband was 36-years-old when he died from lung cancer in…

4 Emergency Workers On Modified Duty After Custody Death

Posted On July 20, 2014

(New York, NY) -- Four emergency responders are being taken off 911 duty as investigators look into their response to a man who died after a New York policeman put him in chokehold. A fire department official says two paramedics and two emergency medical technicians have been placed on modified duty and will not be…

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    2 Lost Cows

    Posted on July 30, 2014
    Location: Mt. Sinai, Indiana

    2 Lost Cows in the Mt. Sinai area. Male is…