Indiana News

Man Dead In Suspected Drunk Driving Crash

Posted On September 01, 2014

(Carroll County, IN) -- A man is dead after a suspected drunk driving crash in Carroll County. The county sheriff's office says 22-year-old Justin Summers was driving four other passengers Saturday night when he rolled his car several times. They say 23-year-old Nicholas Brletic was ejected from the front seat and is in critical condition.…

Indiana Tops List For Voucher Programs

Posted On September 01, 2014

(Indianapolis, IN) -- Indiana holds the top spot for utilizing school voucher programs. The report from the Center for Educational Reform says the state is doing the best job out of 14 states in providing a program that's accessible and empowers parents. The report says Indiana should give private schools more autonomy.

Death Row Inmate In Court

Posted On September 01, 2014

(Indianapolis, IN) -- Indiana's next inmate scheduled for execution is in court this week in an attempt to reverse that fate. The attorney for convicted killer Michael Overstreet is trying to prove he's not competent to be executed. His public defender says professionals have deemed him without the ability to rationally understand why the state…

Inmate Collapses, Dies

Posted On September 01, 2014

(Greenwood, IN) -- Johnson County Jail officials are yet to reveal the cause of death of an inmate yesterday. They say 59-year-old Thomas Wyss collapsed in a holding cell yesterday and officially died in a nearby hospital. Officials say they were alerted to his collapse after another inmate in the cell hit a panic button.

IMPD Called To Church Peace Event

Posted On September 01, 2014

(Indianapolis, IN) -- A peace lock-in at a church on North Michigan Road in Indianapolis turns out to be too successful. Light of the World church leaders say close to two thousand teens showed up yesterday for a youth lock-in scheduled from 8:00 last night to 8:00 this morning. The event is aimed to keep…