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Mayor Ballard Unveils 2015 Budget Proposal

Posted On August 19, 2014

(Indianapolis, IN) -- Mayor Ballard is laying out plans for the next fiscal year. Monday night, he unveiled to the City County Council his 2015 billion-dollar budget proposal that includes money for what he calls the city's priorities; public safety, parks and neighborhoods. The budget includes funding for criminal rehabilitation programs, 20 new recruits for…

Indy Passes Landlord Registry Law

Posted On August 19, 2014

(Indianapolis, IN) -- A proposed bill to hold landlords more accountable in Indianapolis is now law. City officials passed the landlord registry proposal last night. It requires landlords to register their properties and list owner information. It also includes a tenant bill of rights.

Fireball Shoots Off In Aluminum Plant

Posted On August 19, 2014

(Indianapolis, IN) -- OSHA is investigating an aluminum plant on the Indy's east side after a fireball shot into the roof. Officials say it shot out 20 feet from a malfunctioning machine just before 2 a.m. today. They say it caused about 20-thousand dollars in damage.

West Nile Virus Id’d In Tippecanoe County

Posted On August 19, 2014

(Tippecanoe County, IN) -- The West Nile Virus is detected for the first time this summer in Tippecanoe County. Health officials say three mosquito groups tested positive for the virus. They advise people to take precautions when outside from dusk to dawn and use insect repellent containing DEET. They also say to clear standing water…

Indiana Adding Jobs, Unemployment Holds Steady

Posted On August 19, 2014

(Indianapolis, IN) -- Indiana's private sector continues to grow, but the state's unemployment rate is holding steady at five-point-nine-percent. According to data released Monday by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, July was the tenth consecutive month that the state added jobs. Governor Pence says the growth shows optimism in the Hoosier economy.