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Religious Freedom Bill Waiting For Governor’s Signature

Posted On March 25, 2015

(Indianapolis, IN) -- The controversial religious freedom bill is waiting for Governor Pence's signature. The Indiana Senate signed off on a House version of the measure yesterday. Opponents say the bill allows business owners to refuse service to customers based on their religious beliefs, while supporters say it's needed to protect business owners from too…

IMPD To “Hunt Down” Shooting Suspects

Posted On March 25, 2015

(Indianapolis, IN) -- IMPD says they'll "hunt down" whoever shot and killed four people on the city's northwest side. The bodies of three women and one man were found yesterday morning in a home on Harding Street. Police say there was forced entry into a side door and the house was ransacked. All had been…

State Files Motion To Stop IPL Rate Hike

Posted On March 25, 2015

(Indianapolis, IN) -- The state of Indiana is filing a motion to stop Indiana Power and Light's request to raise customer rates. IPL is asking for a rate hike of more than 67-million-dollars a year. The Indiana Utility Consumer Counselor wants the state regulatory commission to first finish an investigation into last week's underground explosions…

Supreme Court Battle Begins Over Factory Emissions

Posted On March 25, 2015

(Washington, DC) -- A fight over clean air regulations impacting Indiana power plants begins today in the U.S. Supreme Court. Indiana and 19 other states are trying to stop an EPA order mandating they must improve their technology to reduce toxic emissions. Analysts say the rules would force some plants to close.

Bus Passengers Injured In Collision

Posted On March 25, 2015

(Indianapolis, IN) -- A driver running a red light is blamed for an accident where 14 IndyGo passengers were hospitalized. Police say the driver of a van crashed into the bus downtown yesterday at the intersection of 10th Street and College Avenue. The crash toppled a traffic light at the intersection. None of the passengers…