Indiana News

Priest Robbed After Crash

Posted On August 18, 2014

(Indianapolis, IN) -- Indianapolis police are looking for a man they say robbed a priest after a car crash. They say Father Michael Hoyt flipped his vehicle at Morris and South Meridian Street Saturday morning and someone approached him and stole 200 dollars. Hoyt says the money was church donations.

Council Discusses Mayor Ballard’s Crime Plan

Posted On August 18, 2014

(Indianapolis, IN) -- The City-Council tonight takes up a new crime plan from Mayor Ballard. Ballard says the city needs other things to address crime aside from more officers. He says the city also needs Pre-K programs, summer jobs and parenting assistance. He's asking for an increase in the public safety tax to pay for…

Officers Hold Terrorism Training At Greenwood Mall

Posted On August 18, 2014

(Johnson County, IN) -- Hundreds of police officers, firefighters, SWAT officers and other law enforcement agencies are being trained how to best respond to a terrorist attack. The exercise was held Sunday night at Greenwood Mall and was the largest ever hosted by the FBI. Officials say by working out the bugs and kinks with…

$5,000 Offered For Info On Two Westside Fires

Posted On August 18, 2014

(Indianapolis, IN) -- A five-thousand-dollar reward is being offered for information on two house fires in the Fleming Gardens neighborhood. The first blaze engulfed a home on Roena Street early Friday morning. The second fire enveloped a house on Fleming Street early Saturday morning. Anyone with information is asked to call the Indiana Arson Hotline…

Man Beaten On Whitewater River

Posted On August 18, 2014

(Brookville, IN) -- Three New Castle men are in custody for an alleged beating on the Whitewater River. Police say the suspects robbed a 21-year-old victim Friday afternoon, beat him with a canoe paddle, and held his head underwater. Kyle Eaton, Daniel Weston, Junior, and Robert Vaughn are charged with aggravated robbery and aggravated assault.